blog love

Blog love is a wonderful e-course written by the lovely Elsie from A beautiful mess. I did this course a few months ago and I loved it, like all of her courses I took. If you want to start a blog in near future or just started one and want to learn more, how everything works in the blogger community, what to do and what better not to do, how to find your niche and deal with problems, you should take this e-course. It’s so helpful, pinpoint exactly to the really important themes for bloggers and written by someone, who has years of experience.


To catch all the great ideas and thoughts of Elsie and my thoughts and dreams for my blog, I picked one of my notebooks, grabbed a pen and sat down at my desk. But the notebook looked a little bit boring, therefore I decided to use my beloved tapes and make it special.


Did I mention, that I’m a tape addict? 🙂

enjoy your day


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