This week was very hard for me. We had to finish a big project and therefore had to do some overtime. It was very late when I rode home on my bike, but the light was beautiful. It was shortly before sunset, everything was dipped in warm colors. It was so lovely and I couldn’t resist taking pictures on my way home.

For the last hours I sat alone in our office and while I was working I listened to some music. One of the songs reminded me of a summer about ten years ago. It was the same lovely summer feeling that got me in this moment like back then. And instantly I had all the pictures of this summer in my mind again: my friends and me camping, our last exams, wonderful evenings at our lake and so much more. Wish I could be there again… 🙂

I’m happy to see some of my friends this weekend in my hometown. Hopefully we will make some memories worth remembering in ten years from now.

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