Sketchbook Project: father & son

This page is a little different from the rest of my sketchbook. It looks a little shabby, but I like it very much. And I like especially the portrait of father and son, I found on my favorite flea market in Bremen. These old photos are so special. It’s a window in our past – their old fashion, hair and facial expression always make me smile; don’t know why. I just love looking at those old pictures.
A dear friend and I always struggle for the best photos on flea markets. I like how he displays these pictures in his home by enlarging and framing the best ones. They fit so perfectly in his home, that I let him have the funny and beautiful ones most of the time, because I know, how he loves them and gives them a better place than I ever could.

Maybe it’s time to go to our favorite flea market today and find some more…

Have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

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