a girlie beauty craft pj-party


Yes, all of this at the same time. It was so fun!

Nine little ten and eleven year old girls jumping for joy because of all the girlie stuff on the craft table – glitter, heart- and butterfly-puncher, pink and flowery paper, girl magazines… Every girl embellished a folder, most of them to collect their fashion sketches. I wish, I could be a girl again! 🙂

While I was helping the girls with crafting, my friend ran a beauty studio. She painted their nails in every color they wished and made them a beauty face mask. For ten minutes the girls could lay down and just relax. Okay, there was a lot of giggling too. 😉


Afterwards the girls had cocktails (of course without alcohol) and watched a good movie for relaxing even more. They slept seven hours (!) this night, all together tucked up in one room. It was so crowded, that they couldn’t even close the door, but they loved it.

The next morning one of the comments of the girls were: “This was a beautiful idea by your mom. You should do this again next year on your birthday!” My friend and I heard this in the kitchen and just smiled. 🙂

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