lots of books

All four books are finally here, on my nightstand. 🙂 I’m so eager to read them. Did I mention, that I’m a slow reader? I noticed, that it’s not true, that it totally depends on the book. This time the first book already got me and I read the first 20 pages at once, taking lots of notes.


And so “The Art of Non-Conformity” is already half read. It’s so fantastic, that I can’t wait to get home from work and dive into it again. I made so many notes, that every second page has at least one post-it on it.


This morning I wanted to take just a little peek inside “this i know“, before I got up and to work… I ended up reading the whole introduction at once, feeling tears welling up inside me of emotion. I love it already!


These books I found at a book sale stand in a store. I love to go through this stand and search for books with funny or beautiful pictures for art journaling. And these will be fantastic for this purpose, especially the first two from the 70s and 80s with the sporty photos. The boxing girls wear red nail polish and heavy make-up; it’s marvelous. 🙂


The book stand belongs to a welfare facility and so I’m not just doing myself something good, but someone else too by buying these books. That’s another reason, why I love this stand so much. It makes me feel good.



Happy Tuesday!

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