i need a break

Hey guys, Susannah Conway brought up a wonderful project “The August Break 2012” and I’m participating. That means for the whole August I won’t be blogging the usual way, but posting photos of my August moments instead. In September everything will be back to normal.

I just feel, I need a break from everything. The last two, no three months, I was so busy, that I hadn’t got the time to calm down and just think. And since I’m turning 30 in a little bit over a week, I think it’s the right time to take a whole lot of me-time. Time to get to the bottom of my thoughts and set new goals – for my life and this blog. Therefore I’m going on a big biketour through Western Germany, that I’ve told you about before. I’m very excited and hope for good weather. So if you’re interested in Germany and its beautiful landscape stay tuned. I will be posting at least one or two pictures per day.

You can follow me also directly on flickr or the group of “The August Break 2012” at flickr, where already many beautiful summer photos have been posted.

I wish you all a wonderful, sunny August with moments and afternoons to calm down and just enjoy everything. 


PS: Thank you for reading this blog 🙂 It’s been three months now, that I’ve started it and I hope you like what I write and post. If you have any ideas or wishes or anything you want to tell me, please write to me (in the comments or blog (at) momentstolivefor.com ). 🙂

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