I found the end of the rainbow

rainbows end

It was so beautiful; no pot of gold necessary. 🙂

All the car drivers passed by and I bet not one of them noticed this wonderful sky event right next to them. And that was the moment I remembered why…

… I ride my bike to work, because I can stop wherever and whenever I want.

… I ride my bike, because I go so much slower and have time to really look around and take it all in.

… I always have a camera with me, because when such a snatch arrives, I’m ready to take a shot to remember it forever.

… I’m thankful for my iPhone, because I can never forget to pack my camera.

… I love living here in this beautiful landscape near the North Sea, because most of the time weather is unpredictable and that’s part of the fun.

…I like rain, because without it, there would never be a rainbow.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend with at least one wonderful moment to remember forever


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