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Hey there lovely readers! 🙂 Do you set your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? I meditated about, what I want to achieve this year and one major goal is to get better in photography. And so I decided not just to take even more photos or do one tutorial after the other, but to challenge myself on a theme, that I would have to capture every day. Since I couldn’t determine between those two challenges, I will do both. And here’s what I came up with:

everyday photo – photos of an everyday life


everyday photo - a 365 challenge

The first one is to take every day a photo of my everyday life. I love these beautiful photos, which I collected on my “everyday life” Pinterest board and which inspired me to do this challenge. I think it’s important to capture not only special moments in life, but the normal routine things as well, because that’s what your life is all about. These are the small things that make your life your life; these little things define you and your life.


one year of cups
one year of cups - a 365 challenge

The second one is simply a challenge to get better in photography and develop new photography styles. The goal: take a photo of a cup every day. I know it can be a really hard challenge, but I hope that it will exceed my limit and inspire new ideas, like Elsie experienced with her self-portrait challenge. You can follow my challenge here.

I’m very excited about these two and how they will challenge me. Love the idea of testing new apps and filters on the photos. And hopefully I will discover new techniques and maybe even a photostyle of my own. 🙂

have a good start into the new work week




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