simple sunday

simple sunday - me & myself by momentstolivefor

After all this stress and family time last weekend, it’s time to focus on yourself. To become calm again, to refill your power engines. It’s okay, if it’s just one, two hours, but really try to be undisturbed without any tasks from your much too long to do list or any requests from your beloved ones. This is time just for you.

So, how about a bubble bath with a glass of wine and relaxing music or if possible a walk along a beach or through your favorite forest, or a stroll along some unknown streets in your city? Treat yourself with your favorite drink (coffee, tea) and something sweet and some flowers. Maybe you can even pick them yourself on your walk along a meadow. Sit down and write in your journal, everything that moves you at the moment or in the last days. And my all-time favorite: search for a playground and go on a swing. Feel the wind on your face and rock into the sky. Let everything that bothers you fall on the ground and feel light again. What could be better?

wish you all a beautiful Sunday

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