summerly feelings

my balcony 2013 by momentstolivefor
What a beautiful day! A first taste of summer here in North Germany. Warmth, sunshine and blue sky. The trees are full with blossoms and everywhere does it smell like barbeque. The perfect day to get the balcony ready, buy some flowers and get the first little sunburn of the year. How about you? How did you enjoy this amazing early summer day?
my balcony 2013 by momentstoliveformy balcony 2013 by momentstoliveformy balcony 2013 by momentstoliveformy balcony 2013 by momentstolivefor
My boyfriend and I bought some flowers and seeds and planted them on our balcony – one lavender, two tomato plants, many different herbs and some tricolored flowers. I forgot their name – they are actually blooming white, yellow and red at the same time. They are so beautiful. Additionally I planted two pots of meadow flowers and one with sunflowers.

I am so excited, how they will turn out. Hopefully I do the right things… I’m not exactly a flower person, I have more of a brown thumb, in opposite to my mom, who loves flowers. Everything is green and blooming, when I visit my parents. It’s lovely.
tomato plant by momentstoliveforlavender by momentstoliveforlavender by momentstoliveforbarefoot the first day by momentstolivefor
This was the first day this year I could walk barefoot around outside and I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

enjoy the warm sunshine

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