i’m back

our vacation 2013 - Vienna by momentstolivefor

I’m back. Back from my big vacation. My boyfriend and I made a roadtrip and drove more than 2500 km through four European countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic. We started in Berlin and rode to Munich, Vienna and Prague. And if these three wouldn’t have been enough, we visited the Chiemsee, the Postalm (a mountain pasture up to 1500 m high) in the Alps, the Neusiedler Lake and Bratislava inbetween too. We stayed 3-4 days in the three big cities, before we drove to the next and one night at the Neusiedler Lake, to calm down a little bit after those busy cities.

Although the weather wasn’t anywhere near perfect, we enjoyed our trip and everything we saw. And we saw a lot! Too much to be counted or mentioned here. These were exhausting, but nonetheless amazing two weeks. I’m still trying to handle all these impressions in my head…

our vacation 2013 - Chiemsee by momentstolivefor
our vacation 2013 - The Alps by momentstolivefor
our vacation 2013 - Bratislava by momentstolivefor
our vacation 2013 - Munich by momentstolivefor
our vacation 2013 - Neusiedler Lake by momentstolivefor
our vacation 2013 - Prague by momentstolivefor

Now I’m back to posting regularly, with new content, new DIYs and a lot of photos from our trip. It was a fun time, however I’m glad to be back home and back to crafting.

hope you had a wonderful summer vacation too

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