what happened lately…


We, my boyfriend, our two cats and I, moved from Bremen to Berlin.

We moved in our first apartment together.

We drove several times from here to there and back again.

We worked hard for weeks to make our new apartment something of a home.

Our new home is far from finished and final decorations, but we love it already.

We finally found fitting kitchen cupboards and a super high tech stove. I’m still excited about all the functions.

We took several walks in the neigborhood and everytime we were amazed by the numerous inspirational, pretty and fun shops, we found.

We worked too much and relaxed far too seldom.

I started at a new job and was totally overwhelmed by all the people I met and the countless impressions.

I’m riding my bike again.

I found a stress-free route to the office. I’m thankful not having to ride my bike on the big and crowded streets of Berlin to work.

I finally started a photobook of my trip to Morocco, that was seven years ago – but better late than never.

I collect new ideas for blog posts and craft projects, many for our new home, but some others too.

I ended the year of cups and am so proud to have made it to the end of the year. Yeah, I did it!

I have some new mantras for this year. The life in Berlin will be a completely new start and I want to take this chance to hopefully change some of my old, bad habits. For example having too much on my agenda and having not enough time to enjoy life like it is. One of my main mantras is: “I don’t have to do anything. (Only if I really want to.)”

So, I hope you all had a good and less stressful start into 2014 than me. I know, this year will be amazing, for you and me. You just have to believe it.

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