what’s on my craft table?

what's on my craft table? | my new notebook with washi tape triangles | momentstolivefor.com

Although the last weeks were mostly filled with putting up new furnitures and working at my new job, I managed to craft almost every day a little bit. Here you can see some of the things that wandered through my hands the last weeks.

I used the chance to organize my craft table new, so I had more space to work and for example get an overview of all the missing pens. My cats love the empty space on my desk and sit most of the time next to me, watching carefully what I’m doing. As long as they don’t run over the still wet surfaces of something painted or glued, I love to have them by my side.

Although I love my iPhone and find it more than useful for many, many things, I still need a physical notebook to write my thoughts and ideas down. I love the feeling of a pen and paper and therefore I always carry at least one with me. The covers of these two notebooks I decorated with washi tape. One is my private everyday notebook, the one with the triangles, the other is for my notes at the office. Moleskine notebooks are my absolute favorites, perfect size and not too many pages. I don’t like to write into one for too long. I just need a change of scenery from time to time.

Two weeks ago I decided to try one of those DIY’s of my ever growing collection on Pinterest in the sense of ‘stop pinnning, start making’! The ‘decorative power cord‘ idea is from the inspirational Bri from Designlovefest. I had this DIY on my mind for some time. Sadly after only two days the ends of the tape didn’t stick anymore. If you have an idea, how to fix this, please write to me. The power cord of my iPhone is so pretty, I want that it stays this way.

what's on my craft table? | my new organized craft table | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? | sorting my Stabilo pens | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? | decorative iPhone power cord | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? | my new work notebook | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? | my cats are at my side while I'm crafting | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? | a goodbye minialbum for friends | momentstolivefor.com

This is a minialbum I crafted for friends I left behind in Bremen. It contains 1000 little beautiful moments I had with them in the last four years, recorded on 1000 photos. It was such a fun time with them… really miss them.

And what are you crafting at the moment?

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  1. Caylee

    I LOVE that Moleskine. Such an easy design and it looks so pretty. I must try it soon. I know exactly what you mean about needing a change in scenery with the new book.


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