sweet serendipity

Good morning #Berlin Time to get up. It's a beautiful sunny day again.

Some colorful, inspirational links for your week. This weekend was really busy and I’m still having trouble with our almost non excisting internet connection. Can’t wait till we get it and I can finally work normal.

On Saturday we had a blast at the premierparty of the filmlet #nextframe at Made. One of the best parties I’ve ever been to.

These wooden dominos are beautiful. Would be so fun to play with them.

Definitely something I want to make for our new home: typographic wallart.

This sounds like the perfect photo project for me at the moment: #100happydays (found via Rowdykittens)

For the scrappers among us: SODAlicious has two new collections. And you can even win them until March 18th.

Change your mindset. Your a big deal, no matter how many followers you have.

wish you a good start into the new week

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