sweet serendipity

this is #spring in #Berlin - lovely | momentstolivefor

Some colorful, inspirational links for your weekend, from me to you. Enjoy!

Just discovered Fiverr, a marketplace for services, and ordered within a few minutes a portrait of my boyfriend and me in Simpsons style. So excited!

Redecorate a simple park bench with embroidery. What a cool idea! That’s why I started a new Pinterest board about embroidery.

Really hopeful and valuable posts by Alexandra Franzen, and I’m so jealous of her blog design!

Wow, why didn’t I think of that

And another photo project for 30 days: #gratitudefor30days found via Rowdykittens.

Never, ever give up. Some wise advice from Diana Nyad.

have a lovely spring weekend


  1. Kellie Winnell

    Amazing links to look through with my cuppa!

  2. Sabine

    Glad you enjoyed them, Kellie 🙂

  3. Caylee

    Fiverr is awesome, thanks for sharing.


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