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It all began a week ago, when I started to sort through my Project Life cards and saw many that I didn’t like as much as others and that just don’t work for me. So I gathered these cards and put them aside. Then I stumbled about the new e-course of A Beautiful Mess and Elise BlahaUse your stash“. It’s about not just collecting beautiful crafty papers and embellishments and being too afraid to use them, but think of ways to really use them up in craft projects. And more than that get rid of those things, that don’t work for you.

Perfect timing. Because of this course and the drive to reduce my stuff, I sorted through all my crafty stuff and just kept those papers, stickers, stamps and tapes, that speak to me and make me think of new layouts and ideas. The rest sits in a box and awaits my judgement, what I will do with it. I gave half of it to a friend, who crafts as well and will make good use of it. The other things still wait.

On this weekend the mentioned friend and her family visited. We had a fun time doing sightseeing in Berlin. And at the end my friend and I went to two scrapbooking shops in Berlin. When I saw all the beautiful scrapbooking things, I couldn’t resist. I bought and bought,… because both shops had so many things, that I wanted to buy online anyway. So why not now? When I came home and unpacked I was overwhelmed by the amount of things. This was definitely not my plan, to buy as much as I just had sorted out.

When I read this post from Sandra and her challenge to scrapbook 50 layouts before she will craft shop again, I knew this would be my challenge too. Not in the exact same way, because I don’t do full size layouts. But there are enough things I can think of, that will be a challenge for me in the same way. So this is my crafty challenge for the next time. I don’t know how long it will take to complete it, but that’s even more exciting, isn’t it?

So here is my craft challenge. I can do craft shopping again, when I…

… made three mini albums.

… did 50 Project Life pages.

… painted all wooden boxes for my workspace with stain.

… made 5 art pieces for our home.

… finished three running craft projects (f.e. mini albums).

So, get the craft party started.


  1. Caylee

    Ooh, what an inspiration for you to get all of those things done. I personally don’t have a lot of product – this is because I am mainly digital and so I just print what I need when I need it, and then also because South Africa has such bad scrapbooking stores with paper from 1990s 🙁 I miss Scrapbook-Werkstatt.

    I am keen to see your new creations.

  2. Sabine

    Hi Caylee, I would love to print some scrapbooking embellishments too, there are so beautiful digital designs out there, but my printer is not reliable. Sometimes he prints fine and on the next paper hes not working correctly. Which printer do you use? Do you use a ink or laser printer?
    I love Scrapbook Werkstatt and Dani Peuss too. Dont know, what I would do without them. But sometimes limitations are helpful for creativity. Im much more creative and have more ideas, when my resources and stash is limited. But papers from the 90s? That sounds terrible! Maybe I can send you something from Germany, when you want some papers or embellishments really bad 🙂

  3. Lauren

    This is genius!! I have got a bagful of unfinished projects that are riding around with me (since we are mobile until the move) I have got to get them done. And I love this idea. Since I’m such a goal achieved I think having a plan and numbers to Im towards is so much more motivating than saying ill just “use my stash” thank you so much for sharing!!


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