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Get Messy | live simply, dream big |

Amazing news. Today we can welcome another creative lady to join us at our art journal challenge: please welcome Olya. It’s fun to see, what everyone is making every week with her art journal in her own style.

This art journal page is my favorite at the moment. The quote is from my page-a-day quote calendar “Today is going to be a great day!“. I had a background with circles in mind and found the perfect patterned papers to fit the quote. Thought about hanging this page as art on my wall.

Get Messy | live simply, dream big |

At the moment I’m a little overwhelmed and do a little bit too much comparing to other IGers or bloggers, so I’m stepping back and take a little break on Pinterest and IG. Sometimes it helps to write down my problem and the solution pops up while writing. Like here, where the solution of simplifying showed in a contrasting page.

Get Messy | Too much |
Get Messy | Too much & Simple |
Get Messy | Simple |

Two years ago I gathered these pictures from my favorite bloggers for an inspirational, motivating moodboard. The intention was to think about, how my guide would react or what she or he would do in a difficult situation. On the back of every picture I wrote, what spoke to me from their lifestyle and doing.

For some time it was very helpful, having them in front of me at my desk. Later I took them down and almost forgot about them. Last week I found them in my backlog and was instantly inspired to make a journal page with these pretty photos. I wrote the main reasons for inspiring me on the semi-transparent front page and attached it with washi tape to the back page with the pictures.

Get Messy | Inspirational blogger |

Get Messy | Inspirational blogger |

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  1. Caylee

    Your favourite is the circles page but my favourite, BY FAR, is the contrasting page. Just as I was loving the TOO MUCH page, then BAM the simple one comes up. Both of these appeal to different parts of me. I also love what you did with the inspirational bloggers page. I love the idea of sticking vellum down with washi tape and being able to lift it up. I always struggle with sticking down vellum, and then I go for plain Pritt / glue stick and it looks frosted. Beaut.

  2. Olya

    Oh, such lovely pages! That vellum one is probably my favourite. So simple, yet so sophisticated. I love it, Sabine!
    And thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

  3. Penny

    Love the idea with the washi & the vellum! The “simple” page is pure genius. Your art journal looks great!

  4. Marta

    Woah! I loved this pages and the thoughts about them. So inspiring. I can relate to step back sometimes…
    Happy to know you through Caylee.


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