7 ways how traveling fuels your soul

7 ways how traveling fuels your soul | momentstolivefor.com

1. Enjoy the view

Think nothing but feel. We think so much in our everyday life. We plan, we work, we think forward and backwards, about the past and the future. Sometimes our brain gets a headache from thinking less on weekends. I get these regularly, when my brain calms down on Sundays. Therefore the best thing I did on this vacation was to sit down on the beach, watch the clouds and sea, feel the wind on my face and the sand beneath my toes and just think… nothing. I did this for hours and it was so freeing. Just being really in the moment with a blank mind.

2. Be amazed

Visit new places and be inspired by architecture and the life around you (nature, people, animals). Every new city I visit is an adventure, an inspiration to me. Architecture amazes me – historical or modern doesn’t matter. I love the old playful, squiggly details on historical buildings as much as the symmetric patterns on glass and metallic buildings from the last 20 years. These capture my eyes everytime and I stand before them in awe and wonder, forgetting everything else in my life and around me. Maybe it’s not architecture for you, but something else that you can forget everything else about, like a beautiful view from a hill or mountain. Be amazed.

3. Allow nature to nuture you

Watch sunrise or sunset and feel this awe-moment in your heart. Don’t forget to get out of the city. The most amazing views and moments await you in nature. It’s so much more alive than a city filled with busy people. The air is cleaner, you can take adventures along unknown routes, hide somewhere in the woods, or put your hot feed into icy cold river water. You will become one with nature again and feel life at its best, with your whole body and mind.

4. Let your mind play

Be creative – without pressure. Just for the sake of creating – not for your blog or anyone else, it’s just for you. Write in your journal – let your thoughts run wild. Sketch the scenery or anything that comes to your mind. Take photos for fun – not for your blog, not for a future photobook. Just for fun. Try new things. Let your creative mind run wild, without pressure of showing your creations to anyone. Just be creative for the sake of creating and let your mind play like a child.

5. Enjoy being

Don’t pay too much on a fancy hotel room. It’s just to keep your things and for sleeping. The main reason you travel is for experiencing new things and landscapes, not another bed. The best moment we had on our vacation, was at sunset at the beach with a cheap bottle of wine and some cheese bites. Nothing more. Just us and nature.

6. Get lost

Don’t follow the usual, known tourist routes. I found the most precious places while getting lost in cities like Athens or Paris. I always wander around in cities without much of a plan. Just to take it all in – the people, the real life and city – and somehow around the next bend something wonderful pops up – like a little church or shop, I would’ve otherwise missed.

7. Take breaks

Yes, sometimes you even need a break from traveling. As much as it is amazing to see so many new things, you definitely need time to process all these new impressions and experiences. Don’t jump from one city or sightseeing spot to the next. Just sit down once in a while, drink a coffee and enjoy the view. Otherwise you will need another vacation after your vacation to process everything and feel maybe even more wrung out than before. Enjoy.

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  1. Cate

    What a wonderful post! I whole heartedly agree with your travel ethos, if only I could get my husband to slow down and go off plan a little more! x


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