Be open: invite & share

January 2015: be open - invite & share

Like you read yesterday, my word for 2015 is „share”. Every month I choose a second verb to accompany it and set a focus for this month. In January I chose „invite & share“, because I want to invite new things into my life. I will make plans for the upcoming year for new dates with friends, big events, share our home with friends and brainstorm about several new projects. To put my intentions for January in words:

Invite new things into my life.

Invite new adventures and experiences to enrich me.

Invite friends into our home.

Invite more people into my life.

Invite readers to inspiring finds.

Invite new ideas to settle.

Invite new projects and plans to grow in my mind.

Invite new habits to take their place.

I’m so excited, how this first month will go and what I will lern. So, let’s go!

be open – invite & share

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