smile, it’s a good day

Thanks to the inspiring online workshop ‘A year of Creating Time Capsules‘ by Xanthe Berkeley, I made my very first stop-motion movie. It’s very short, but it was fun to see, how it is coming to life. And I lerned already so much at Xanthe’s course and while shooting and editing this little video.

The most important thing besides lighting and composition, is to retain the lens, when it is in manual mode. I touched it somehow when I shot the last pictures and didn’t notice the suddenly blurry photos. Since the movements of the rubberstamps were too messy, I couldn’t reshoot the last photos. But for the very first attempt on stop-motion videos, I’m very happy with the result. Hopefully you like it too. 🙂

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  1. Lauren

    SABINE!! ITS AMAZING!! I havent touched the class yet! But you reminded me and inspired me. I cant wait to make a crafty one now! You are awesome!


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