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So I’m back. Hopefully back for good with blogging regularly. I had a hard time this year, fighting with symptoms I couldn’t figure out. It all started more than three years ago. This September I finally got the diagnosis: Hashimoto Thyreoditis. Maybe not so unknown to some of you, since it’s a frequent disease of the western world. Triggered through too much iodine, stress, unhealthy food and a predisposition of Thyroid Hypofunction. Three to four years ago it all started to get dull. I was tired more and more, lost concentration and motivation, felt as I had no energy, not even for crafting, had trouble finding the right words, gained weight, were unable to cope even with small stress, were depressed and felt more and more not like myself, but a dull, stupid and lifeless version of me. Last year in October a Thyroid Hypofuntion was diagnosed and this year in September finally the Hashimoto Thyreoditis. It’s an autoimmune disease hurting the thyroid and bringing the hormones in trouble. Somehow I was miserable being ill, but mostly I was relieved that finally there was an explanation for all those little and big symptoms. Some days I would think of going insane with all those tiny symptoms without explanation but too small to really bother me, so I wouldn’t go to the doctor. Now I know where this all came from. You can’t imagine, how relieved I was.

Three weeks ago I started reading a book about Hashimoto. It explains how you can help yourself with a better diet and supplements to get your body healthy again. The experience with the four doctors I met this year was frustrating. If I didn’t had the right questions, they wouldn’t tell me anything. Just looked at my numbers from the tests and gave me pills. That’s all. If I talked about the book, they just rolled their eyes and said that school medicine is the only real thing and there’s no healing for Hashimoto. But I don’t believe it. Soon after reading the book, I started with the suggested diet (paleo diet) and it feels already so much better. I had already days, when I felt like my old self again. In this moment I cried for relief. I know, there will be days where it’ll be back to dull and depression, but my hope is up for the good days and that they’ll become more and more over time.

So here I am now, blogging again, having a smile on my face, because my energy didn’t leave me, because I’m not unusual tired. Because I’m me again. Full of energy, ready to organize the world and take photos and take on another challenge and craft. Oh, and most important, organize our wedding next year. Yes, we are engaged! Yay!

I’m up for new adventures! And you?


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