sweet serendipity

sweet serendipity | momentstolivefor.com

Some inspiring, colorful finds from the internet:

I need to do something like this too, someday. So fun.

A little reminder: use what you already have and use it wisely.

Beautiful artwork. Lovely.

Toddlers favorite things – book by Elise. So cute.

“We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.” by Zen habits.

Magical photographs turned into modern art

Just because: reasons to love Instagram.

Multipotentioalite – the world needs us.

Finally an explanation: Why we remember only the negative things…

90 days of practicing gratitude – very helpful and good tipps.

Before you go shopping for Christmas gifts, watch this (found via Becoming Minimalist).

Important question, especially in this time of year: What Do You Want to be Thanked For?

How to bring more mindfulness into your life today.

Most important Ted Talk ever. You have to watch this. Really makes you think.

have a beautiful weekend


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