December Days: blocked

December Daily - Day 2 |

There are those days you are motivated from start and work your ass off, till there’s no work hours left. And then there are the other days, when you just can’t get yourself to start working effectively. Your brain simply doesn’t want to cooperate with you. You beg, you scream at your brain to give you just one idea, that makes the whole project work. But no, your thoughts are only circling around the same old, dull ideas…

At the end of the work day you give up. I give up. No inspiration, no motivation, just the hope that on Monday all will be better and that the brain is relaxed, open to new ideas.

The weekend is to begin. Time for play. Time for new things. Time for fun and rest. Time for beautiful inspiration like the magical winter photos by Junkaholique, that are breathtaking, and my favorite shot from today. Taken while working at home office and playing with my new app Instant. Polaroid is magic. I’m in love.

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