Sketchbook Project: imagination á la albert einstein

This is my favorite quote since I was a child and started being creative. Therefore it had to be in my sketchbook.
Logic will bring you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

Logic is a big part in my work, but imagination is the one thing that keeps me relaxed, balanced and happy. Thank you, Albert Einstein, for phrasing this so well. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend like me.

Sketchbook Project: father & son

This page is a little different from the rest of my sketchbook. It looks a little shabby, but I like it very much. And I like especially the portrait of father and son, I found on my favorite flea market in Bremen. These old photos are so special. It’s a window in our past – their old fashion, hair and facial expression always make me smile; don’t know why. I just love looking at those old pictures.
A dear friend and I always struggle for the best photos on flea markets. I like how he displays these pictures in his home by enlarging and framing the best ones. They fit so perfectly in his home, that I let him have the funny and beautiful ones most of the time, because I know, how he loves them and gives them a better place than I ever could.

Maybe it’s time to go to our favorite flea market today and find some more…

Have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

Sketchbook Project: try & fail

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned  in life is

“A mistake is the best teacher.”

Therefore it’s a mature part of my creative process to try something, fail to create it, look what went wrong and start over again. Sometimes even a slightly different result sparks another idea. That’s why I’m (most of the time) thankful for failures. And so this quote had to be in my sketchbook.:)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend like me! 🙂

Sketchbook Project: red is my favorite

Do you have a favorite color? Mine is definitely red. Whatever I look for – clothes, deco material, washi tape – everytime I see at first red ones. Always. It’s so bright, powerful and gives me courage.

Courage is important for me, when I’m working creatively. To live a creative life you have to try new things, even when you fail and it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. And if you’re not strong enough to take those failures, courage is even more important to try again and again and again…


Therefore my favorite quote is: “Another word for creativity is courage” by G. Prince

Have a nice Sunday 🙂

Sketchbook Project: the very first page

This is my very first page of my sketchbook from the Sketchbook Project. I’m not 100 % satisfied, how it turned out. But, as you all know, the first page is always the hardest part of a new notebook or a new sketchbook. This very first blank page, that’s staring at you… waiting to draw your first line, to make a mistake… Do you know this feeling?

But if you finally filled it successfully, the creative process magically begins to flow and one idea hits another. At least this is, how it works for me. So the next pages were much more, how I hoped they would be. From now on I will show more of my sketchbook every Sunday. 🙂