#bloghug – I love these bloggers

#bloghug by momentstolivefor

Three or four years ago I started to read blogs on a daily basis and I loved it and still do. Every day there is some new inspiring blog post of one of my favorite bloggers online and inspires me. Maybe it’s a craft idea or how they experience their life’s situation or what they’ve accomplished. They are my super heroes, which inspire me to do better in many ways.

Therefore I was instantly smitten by Holly Becker‘s blogpost #bloghug – Show Your Love! to say thank you to these bloggers, who work so hard to put their thoughts and ideas out there for us to read.

Thank you so much by momentstolivefor

My Favorite E-courses

One of the biggest advantages of internet, in my opinion, are e-courses. I really love to participate and lern new things, get inspiration, connect with other members and get a new view on things. Here are my favorite courses I took in the last months. Really, really loved them:
My very first e-course. I was very excited, when I decided to attend it. And I can tell you, it was worth every penny. Vicky managed to create an amazing variety of interesting content with artist interviews, homework, weekly assignments, inspirational words and so much more. The best of all were the discussions between the members of raining umbrellas. I met so many lovely ladies around the world, it was a great experience and boosted my creativity.
Inspired by this course I got to the next by the lovely Elsie from “A beautiful mess“. Love her blog, her style, her ideas. She is a real inspiration to me and so it is no surprise, that I loved her courses as well:
In future you will see some of my work, that was inspired by these courses. First and foremost photo journals & mini albums and pages of my art journal.
The last e-course I took, is by Alisa Burke, an amazing artist, whos peeks inside her sketchbook makes me grab my pencil and start drawing immidiately. Her course “Finding your muse” is for free!! It’s a little different from most other courses, because she doesn’t teach techniques but a mental inspiration for artists. Just take a look:

In future I will take at least one of her other courses too.

Which courses did you take? Can you recommend one or two?