books read in January

books read in January |

The year started really well for me. I managed to read five books in January. That’s more than I ever have until now. I’m a slow reader and read only in bed in the morning or evening. I wrote a little list of books I want to read this year and to not forget about the marvelous books I already read, I will try to write a small book report every month. Maybe you find a book you like. Here’s the first:

The Art of Stillness – Pico Iyer
This was a really fast read. It’s under 100 pages but really lovely to read. Pico Iyer explains what stillness means to him and others he met on his way through life. It’s not a manual to explain, what you should do to reach stillness. It’s more a lot of inspiration and a first step to finding your own kind of stillness. The Art of Stillness is a book I definitely have to read twice to really get it, but it’s wonderful to read.

Yes Please – Amy Poehler
After I heard so much about this praised book, I wanted to read it for myself. I instantly fell in love with it while reading the introduction. I loved Amy’s style of writing, so open and from the heart. Sadly I had troubles with the chapters that included a lot of names from her colleagues. Most of them I didn’t recognize, since they are not that well known in Germany. Therefore the chapters were a little boring because I hadn’t a face in front of me, when she described their characteristics and quirks. But I found it interesting to read more about a typical American girl and her life. Especially I loved the little poems, pictures and creative pages, unusual to these kind of books. They made it so special and personal, more than words only can ever be.

Handbuch des Kriegers des Lichts – Paulo Coelho
The title says it all. It’s a handbook. It’s not a story you can easily read through. It’s a manual for the good-hearted warrior of light and how he acts and reacts on situations. After I finished, I knew I have to read it again in time an make little notes at the end of every small chapter, to conclude the main statement in one sentence. The warrior of light lives on the wisdom of the wisest men on this planet, like Ghandi and the Buddha. The warrior fights for the good things, but knows when to take a step back from the fight. It’s the manual for the good man.

Für Eile fehlt mir die Zeit – Horst Evers
One of the funniest German cabaret artists I know. He lives in Berlin and tells stories of his everyday life. He has such a special style to tell his short stories. I caught myself laughing out loud so many times. Two times I even woke my boyfriend up, who was already sleeping beside me. I don’t know, if his books are translated into English. I fear not, but I really hope, they will in time.

A year of mornings – Maria Vettese & Stephanie Congdon Barnes
Such a wonderful, magical book, about two woman living 3191 miles apart. They share one photo everyday of their mornings and I don’t know, if it’s an accident, but so many photos fit so perfectly together. It seams as if they were planned that way. If you like inspiring, quiet photography, this book is definitely for you.

books to read in 2015

books to read in 2015 |

Don’t be distracted of the books on the photo. They are just some of my beloved books I already have at home. I have already read most of them. When I started to take photos of the book pile, it only took seconds till Finchen stole into the photo. But it’s so cute, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

When I started to make plans for 2015, set goals and planned countless projects, another idea crossed my mind. What if I set a list of books I want to read through the year? Would it be wise to set them at the beginning of a year or just go along and pick whatever I feel like at the moment? I decided to do the list. The reason is simply, I have lots of books I want to read for years and always forgot about them or had another book already, when I remembered them. So this little list isn’t something to stick to religiously, but will be an inspiration and help, if I look for a new book. It’s mostly novels and classics, but there are some book about creativity and lifestyle as well as craft and photography books to inspire me, to lern new crafts and get better at photography and other work related themes.

Novels & Classics:

Inspiration & Work:

Crafts & Photography:

Until now my favorite books of all time are The Nightcircus, The Hobbit, The Art of Non-Conformity, The Neverending Story and Rumo, to name just a few. Do you have any suggestions for me, that could suit my taste? What are you reading at the moment?

take time to read

book: The Creative Habit

picture source: r8chel

Just started to read this wonderful book by Twyla Tharp “The Creative Habit” and I love it. Love the visual formated text, her writing and what it’s all about. A little helper to figure out a way to get a routine into your creative life. To quickstart your creative process and work everyday through habits. Little things, that signal you: now it’s time to focus and do your thing.

Looking forward to an inspirational weekend. Wish you the same 🙂


book review: The Art of Non-Conformity

The Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau

What a wonderful, inspiring, well written book. I’m sad, that it ended; I could have read on forever. 🙂

Right at the first page I was already yelling: “Yes, yes, yes, that’s me. Please tell me what to do!” and it did.

It helped me to unterstand, that I don’t have to live an ‘ordinary’ life to survive. That it’s much more my kind of life, to change it once in a while, make a big difference, having a purpose in life. It made me feel strong and confident, confident enough to bring my crazy ideas  – like my big biketour – to life.

My favorite quote (and there are a lot more in this precious book) is

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

Walter Bagehot
On this page sticks a post-it with just one word written in big letters: “YEAH!” 🙂 It feels like I was sleepwalking for some time and now finally woke up again. There is one quote that circulates in my head since I read it: “Creating your own life isn’t quite like winning the lottery. It’s better!” Yes, and I will do this from now on.

It’s that kind of book, that shakes you to the bones and leaves you inspired, feelin’ powerful and ready to take off to new adventures.
Thank you, Chris
for having written such a wonderful book. 

lots of books

All four books are finally here, on my nightstand. 🙂 I’m so eager to read them. Did I mention, that I’m a slow reader? I noticed, that it’s not true, that it totally depends on the book. This time the first book already got me and I read the first 20 pages at once, taking lots of notes.


And so “The Art of Non-Conformity” is already half read. It’s so fantastic, that I can’t wait to get home from work and dive into it again. I made so many notes, that every second page has at least one post-it on it.


This morning I wanted to take just a little peek inside “this i know“, before I got up and to work… I ended up reading the whole introduction at once, feeling tears welling up inside me of emotion. I love it already!


These books I found at a book sale stand in a store. I love to go through this stand and search for books with funny or beautiful pictures for art journaling. And these will be fantastic for this purpose, especially the first two from the 70s and 80s with the sporty photos. The boxing girls wear red nail polish and heavy make-up; it’s marvelous. 🙂


The book stand belongs to a welfare facility and so I’m not just doing myself something good, but someone else too by buying these books. That’s another reason, why I love this stand so much. It makes me feel good.



Happy Tuesday!

getting out of the rut

The last weeks were stuffed with fun dates, friends, big events and traveling. I really loved this time with all the action,…

…but at Sunday I was exhausted. I slept most of the afternoon and went every night very early to bed since then. My inspiration hit the ground. And it bothered me not being able to do something creative for the whole week. So I decided to purchase something to get me out of this horrible rut.

Washi tapes I have more than enough, scrapbook papers and embellishments are although enough in my backlog, so I chose to buy a book. Okay, finally it were four books, because I couldn’t decide which one to leave behind 🙂

“Desire to inspire – using creative passion to transform the world” by Christine Mason Miller

I had this on my wishlist for some time and thought now was the right moment to purchase it.

“this i know – notes on unraveling the heart” by Susannah Conway

I read Susannah’s blog over a year now and was very anxious for her book, when she presented some of the pages.

“Making Ideas Happen – overcoming the obstacles between vision & reality” by Scott Belsky

Maybe something to lift my thoughts about possiblities in my life.

“The Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau

Just found the cover so interesting, that I had to buy it. It sounds very promising, doesn’t it? 🙂

I’m super excited and will enjoy reading them over the next summer weeks – I’m not a fast reader by the way, so it will take me some time. But as soon as I finish one, you’ll get a review and hopefully a recommendation for your next book purchase.

Have a beautiful weekend
PS: If you have an inspiring book to recommend, please tell me (in comments or per email). I’m always thankful for new books! :)