december reflections: a little challenge

After such a long blog break, it’s hard to get back into a rhythm of blogging. So I thought it would be best to blog as much as possible to keep me going and make it a new (old) habit. What would be better than to make it into a challenge:
“Blog at least one photo and one sentence everyday.”

I hope, this little challenge keeps me sane in this messy time of year, my creativity rising and my focus on the good things.

Just when I thought about this little challenge the post „December Reflections“ by Susannah Conway popped up in my feed. Perfect timing.

December Reflections 2015 by Susannah Conway

So I’ll be following her daily prompts and will post it on my old IG account @momentstolivefor. I lost interest in it some time ago and started new at @sabinecrafts with simply crafty posts. Now I’m concentrating my personal life and daily moments again on @momentstolivefor. I’m really looking forward to this fresh start and new possibilities.

When I reread my blog lately the posts that really got to me and triggered emotions, were not the ones planed and worked on the longest, but the little ones from the August Break. I know, they are not the ones you’re most interested in, because they hold no real value or information for you, but I love them, because the images hold memories and feelings. So look forward to some emotional, more personal photos from my life. A little December documentary.


back to normal, back for good

Sabine of

So I’m back. Hopefully back for good with blogging regularly. I had a hard time this year, fighting with symptoms I couldn’t figure out. It all started more than three years ago. This September I finally got the diagnosis: Hashimoto Thyreoditis. Maybe not so unknown to some of you, since it’s a frequent disease of the western world. Triggered through too much iodine, stress, unhealthy food and a predisposition of Thyroid Hypofunction. Three to four years ago it all started to get dull. I was tired more and more, lost concentration and motivation, felt as I had no energy, not even for crafting, had trouble finding the right words, gained weight, were unable to cope even with small stress, were depressed and felt more and more not like myself, but a dull, stupid and lifeless version of me. Last year in October a Thyroid Hypofuntion was diagnosed and this year in September finally the Hashimoto Thyreoditis. It’s an autoimmune disease hurting the thyroid and bringing the hormones in trouble. Somehow I was miserable being ill, but mostly I was relieved that finally there was an explanation for all those little and big symptoms. Some days I would think of going insane with all those tiny symptoms without explanation but too small to really bother me, so I wouldn’t go to the doctor. Now I know where this all came from. You can’t imagine, how relieved I was.

Three weeks ago I started reading a book about Hashimoto. It explains how you can help yourself with a better diet and supplements to get your body healthy again. The experience with the four doctors I met this year was frustrating. If I didn’t had the right questions, they wouldn’t tell me anything. Just looked at my numbers from the tests and gave me pills. That’s all. If I talked about the book, they just rolled their eyes and said that school medicine is the only real thing and there’s no healing for Hashimoto. But I don’t believe it. Soon after reading the book, I started with the suggested diet (paleo diet) and it feels already so much better. I had already days, when I felt like my old self again. In this moment I cried for relief. I know, there will be days where it’ll be back to dull and depression, but my hope is up for the good days and that they’ll become more and more over time.

So here I am now, blogging again, having a smile on my face, because my energy didn’t leave me, because I’m not unusual tired. Because I’m me again. Full of energy, ready to organize the world and take photos and take on another challenge and craft. Oh, and most important, organize our wedding next year. Yes, we are engaged! Yay!

I’m up for new adventures! And you?


Be open: travel & share

be open - travel & share |

June was about exploring – exploring new places and hobbies. Like crocheting a rug or toy animal, working with new tools (wood work) or exploring new places and events around Berlin. It was a real summer month with many events and not much to do, more laziness and full of life.

July on the other hand will be all about traveling. We will be away for two weeks, traveling through Germany. No big vacation this year, because there are too many weddings and big parties we have and want to attend. But I really like to travel around beautiful Germany. Every area is different and full of adventures. This time we will explore the area around Mainz and Wiesbaden, will make a road trip to Luxembourg – so excited about this – and will make a vacation on the coast of the North Sea with my oldest friends. Besides that we will meet with some friends and visit our families somewhere in Germany. So here’s the plan for July:

Travel Berlin

Travel Mainz & around

Travel through Luxembourg

Travel to meet friends & family

Travel through Germany

Travel the coast of the North Sea

Travel to meet new people

Travel to visit new places

Travel to make new experiences

Travel to become wiser

Travel to collect new memories

So excited & up for new adventures.

be open – travel & share


work, work, work or what I did last month

work, work, work |

For a few years now I’m into simplifying. I started with the book “Simplify your life” and did a clean up every half year or year. Everytime I was astonished by the cheer mass of things I could get rid off without feeling empty, instead feeling relieved and happier. Since then I read a lot of books about simplifying, but the latest really got to me: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“. The main goal and quote stuck with me: ‘only hold on to those things that make you happy’. And I did. Within the first weekend I was on fire and didn’t stop until I had the entire apartment cleaned up and sorted through. Here’s what I did the last weeks:

✓ got rid of two big bags of clothes (trash & second hand)

✓ eliminated so many clothes, that we could move our cupboard from the bedroom to the cellar – there’s no use for it anymore

✓ tidied some of my clothes like the system recommended by „the magic of tidying“ – rest will follow later, when I got some fitting boxes

✓ sorted through our kitchen to free space, so we don’t need to add another cupboard

✓ put all my printed photos and notes into different Project Life albums – finally a system I can work with and fits my goals

✓ sorted through my work space and put a lot into boxes to sell later on a fleamarket or give away to friends

✓ scanned all recipes to Evernote and organized them with tags

✓ I started to digitalize my film negatives – this will take some time, but afterwards I don’t have another two boxes filled with negatives that I simply not use, because it’s too complicated to order them for photo albums

✓ sorted through my books again and packed over 50 into boxes for second hand

✓ reorganized my Evernote notebooks to work perfectly for me for blogging and everyday life

✓ shared the shopping list, cookbook and calendar in Evernote with my boyfriend

✓ cleaned our balcony and made it more beautiful with some lights and big washi tapes

✓ organized the next steps for our group vacation

✓ sorted through our storage alcove

✓ cleaned and sorted through our livingroom (especially our cupboard)

✓ sorted through my stuff in the bathroom, jewelry too

✓ got rid of the biggest part of my postcard collection – I only hold on to a few decorative ones or those, that I really want to send someone

✓ send some things to friends, I know they will love

✓ moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress

Now I feel happy and relieved, but exhausted and unmotivated to do anything. I do a little crocheting from time to time and put some photos into Project Life albums, but beside that there’s no energy left. Hope that will change after our vacation in two weeks. But I’m proud of myself, doing all this in a short time and letting the apartment feel light and leaving space for new experiences. Shortly afterwards I stumbled about this quote and knew that this will be my new motto:

“Fill your life with experiences not things, have stories to tell not stuff to show.”


Be open: explore & share

be open: explore & share

In May ‚work‘ was my one little word I focused on. And work I did. Really hard and in multiple ways. I simplified our home big time, got rid of 8 bags of trash, sold several furnitures and have at least four big boxes that I want to sell soon. I moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress (more on that in another post). I organized my recipes, old notes, quotes and so much more with Evernote. I started to do sport every morning, really every morning (so proud of myself, I’ve stuck with it). I found finally a system for my old photos I’m happy with and started to organize them this way. I finished three big craft projects (two crocheted rugs and a wooden game). I reorganized all rooms in one way or another. I organized several of our events and vacations in summer. Feels so damn good to get stuff done.

Since the last month was so full with tasks and actions, this month should feel light and free. So it’s all about exploring, everything and everywhere. Nothing more, nothing less.

Explore the neighborhood.

Explore Berlin.

Explore new possibilities.

Explore new hobbies.

be open – explore & share


Be open: work & share

May 2015: be open - work & share |

You just turn once or twice and suddenly the month has passed. The last month didn’t work like I had hoped for. There wasn’t nearly enough time to create that much. I organized my UFOs and knitted, mostly while traveling but that was all. I hope, May and June will give me more time to create, since July and August are already full with events, travel plans and happenings. Therefore May is all about getting work done. As if I knew this at the start of the year, I chose ‘work & share’ as my words for May. How perfect.

Work & do all the things you need to do.

Work for something new.

Work with my UFOs and simply get a handful finished.

Work & get things done.

Work with Evernote and make it work for me for the perfect organization.

Work my annual tax declaration.

Work, work, work,…

be open – work & share

Be open: create & share

April 2015: be open - create & share |

March was all about lerning. And I did lern a lot of things. Most of all, that living your life to the fullest and meeting friends and family are the most important things. Therefore my big lerning plans fell almost through. But the one thing I followed through with, was the video course by Xanthe Berkeley and therefore made my very first stop-motion-movie. Maybe April will bring more time for my own projects.

The next 30 days will be all about creating. Not only creating crafty things, but a whole lot of different things, but for sure will be the focus mostly on crafting. Most of all since I collected all UFOs (unfinished objects) in a box and was overwhelmed by their number. So it’s time to reduce this number severely.

Create little Easter gifts.

Create an overview of all unfinished craft projects.

Create delicious meals.

Create colorful, optimistic decoration for our home.

Create a whole lot of crafty things.

Create at least one new tutorial.

Create a second movie to share.

Create a new sharing routine for Instagram.

Create happy people.

be open – create & share

smile, it’s a good day

Thanks to the inspiring online workshop ‘A year of Creating Time Capsules‘ by Xanthe Berkeley, I made my very first stop-motion movie. It’s very short, but it was fun to see, how it is coming to life. And I lerned already so much at Xanthe’s course and while shooting and editing this little video.

The most important thing besides lighting and composition, is to retain the lens, when it is in manual mode. I touched it somehow when I shot the last pictures and didn’t notice the suddenly blurry photos. Since the movements of the rubberstamps were too messy, I couldn’t reshoot the last photos. But for the very first attempt on stop-motion videos, I’m very happy with the result. Hopefully you like it too. 🙂

Be open: lern & share

March 2015: be open - lern & share |

February went well thanks to my little word „try“. Although I didn’t do everything on my list like carving my own stamps or fill in Project Life 2014, I tried a whole lot of other things, like knitting for example. And like you maybe saw on Instagram, it was a success. I knitted five whole scarfs in February. The first two for myself to test my capability of knitting. One for my dad, one for my boyfriend and a small one for my goddaughter within three hours of a car ride. I think, I’m already addicted.

Beside that I tried some new art journaling techniques, new cooking recipes and a lot of new blogs to read. So I’m really up for March and what my new motto ‚lern & share‘ will bring:

Lern more about photography.

Lern JavaScript.

Lern to knit two-sided patterns.

Lern to shoot and cut videos – Perfect timing, I just won a place in the course „A Year of Creating Time Capsules“ from the always inspiring Xanthe Berkeley. I’m so excited about this news. I’m following her for over two years now and love her magical videos of everyday life.

Lern, how to make a writing routine work for me.

Lern to cook better.

Lern to set a new focus in my photography.

Lern to make the photo editing and archiving process more effective.

Lern to do some yoga at home.

Lern to take time for me.

be open – lern & share

a whole lot of inspiring blogs & the winner is…

Tell me your favorite blog & win |

While reading and looking at all those blogs you suggested and some I found while wandering the internet (Pinterest and Instagram in particular), I found these gorgeous, inspiring, fabulous blogs. I still can’t believe, how much creativity and loveliness is out there. There are over one hundred thousands blogs in my favorite categories, that are worth being followed. And I’m so sad, I simply can’t. Thank you crafty girls (and guys) for putting all these amazing ideas out there and share them with us. Thanks to you this makes the world so much more beautiful and colorful.

And the winner of the surprise package is Mary from Uncustomary Art with her recommended blog Bianca Jagoe. Congratulations!

I fell in love with Bianca’s blog within the first three posts and it made me smile and even laugh out loud. Additionally I love the photo style and the cool photos of her son. Thank you Mary for suggesting it.

Thank you to all who suggested blogs. They were all fun to read and several went on my reading list. Here are the blogs that I added to my feed, all wonderful & inspiring in their own way:

DIY, Scrapbooking & Crafts:

Fall For DIY: Beautiful simple blog about DIYs. The pictures are gorgeous and the ideas fresh and new.

Simple As That: A series about organization of photos, additionally tipps and ideas around crafting and cooking.

Martu Alterada: Wonderful minialbums and other scrapbooking projects.

Amelia Writes Here: About paper, lists & life and a lot of beautiful art journal pages.

Papierprojekt: Only in German, but fantastic Project Life and scrapbooking pages and her own beautiful stamps.

A Subtle Revelry: Cute DIY projects. She just released her first book with her craft projects.

Well Nesting: DIYs, recips and more.

Hands Occupied: Amazing blog about knitting.

Green Fingerprint: Design, memory keeping and goal setting.

Life Captured Inc. : A group blog about photography and memory keeping.


At Wild: Unusual blog about creativity, life and travel.

The Nectar Collective: Design, lifestyle and business.

BBB Living: Magical, inspiring photos and life as a whole.


Hope Engaged: Travel blog full of beautiful photos and stories by a young traveling pair.

Sonne & Wolken: German travel blog with fabulous photos.

Ink & Adventure: Travel experiences and adventures of a girl.

thanks for all the marvelous inspiriation