simple sunday

simple sunday: togetherness by momentstolivefor

Since I’m living with my boyfriend, I always try to make room for some time just for us at the weekend. And if we are just staying in bed until noon, reading, talking, playing with the cats, listening to some music and naturally eating a yummy breakfast with good strong coffee. If we don’t have time for this, we try to take a walk, along a river or over a flea market, in summer maybe even under a star sprinkled sky. And if all this is impossible, we cook together, even doing the dishes is fun with him.

This weekend I plan a cozy movie night with homemade popcorn. How about you? What do you plan to do with your partner this weekend?

have a wonderful Sunday and take some time for togetherness

simple sunday

simple sunday - me & myself by momentstolivefor

After all this stress and family time last weekend, it’s time to focus on yourself. To become calm again, to refill your power engines. It’s okay, if it’s just one, two hours, but really try to be undisturbed without any tasks from your much too long to do list or any requests from your beloved ones. This is time just for you.

So, how about a bubble bath with a glass of wine and relaxing music or if possible a walk along a beach or through your favorite forest, or a stroll along some unknown streets in your city? Treat yourself with your favorite drink (coffee, tea) and something sweet and some flowers. Maybe you can even pick them yourself on your walk along a meadow. Sit down and write in your journal, everything that moves you at the moment or in the last days. And my all-time favorite: search for a playground and go on a swing. Feel the wind on your face and rock into the sky. Let everything that bothers you fall on the ground and feel light again. What could be better?

wish you all a beautiful Sunday

simple sunday

simple sunday - taste by momentstolivefor

Just looking at these pictures is mouth-watering. Do you feel the soft, juicy and grainy pear on your tongue or taste the sweet of honey on a slice of toast?

Enjoy the special taste of basil or any other herb or make a delicious pizza with it. Or try something new and put bananas on your bread. I can recommend it 🙂

I love the smell and taste of a fresh and hot cup of tea – especially chai tea, it’s exquisite.

Or are you a sweet tooth? Take a cookie and dip it in a glass of milk. Can you smell and taste the yummy hot chocolate as it is pouring down in your cup? Or do you want a cup of icecream as dessert? Mmmmm, yummy!

enjoy every bite of your meal and sip of your drink today – try to really taste it



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simple sunday

simple sunday: hobbies by momentstolivefor

These cold and grey winter days are the perfect time to concentrate on your hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time? Do you like to paint or knit, sort your photos and prepare them for some scrapbooking projects or do you like to spend your time in the kitchen baking and cooking? Maybe you just like to listen to some music or make it yourself. Or are you a writer or blogger? Reading your favorite book is always a good idea.

Enjoy your Sunday!


simple sunday

It’s winter – so cold, so grey. But, there are some things, that can make this time more loveable. Things you can actually only do now. So enjoy them, like hockey or a snowball fight with your friends, skating on a frozen lake or river, wear comfy warm wool socks or wrap a really warm woolen blanket around you. Lean back, read a good book – maybe your favorite one – and drink a cup of hot chocolate.

what can be better on a Sunday in winter

simple sunday

simple. simple goals. simple joys. simple life.

Since ‘simple’ is my word for 2013, I thought a lot about it’s meaning and how I could bring more of it into my life. What means ‘simple’ to me? When I searched for inspiring pictures on pinterest I found so many, that I decided to make a serial on my blog and share these beautiful photos with you. So every Sunday you will see some of it here and maybe they will inspire you too and remind you of the simple joys in life.

simple sunday - introduction. the simple things that make me smile.

Enjoy the simple things like jumping into puddles, smell and feel logs of wood, enjoy an evening cuddled in blankets or a lazy summer day with friends, read your favorite book and eat your favorite simple food. These are the simple things that make me smile.

wish you a wonderful simple Sunday