a melancholic walk in Bremen

a melancholic walk in Bremen | Die Schlachte in Bremen | moments to live for

The last weeks in Bremen have begun and a little melancholy is steeling into my mood from time to time. Another era will be ending, when we move to Berlin. I moved a lot in my life. With and without my parents in total already 6 times in my 31 years living on this earth. And 4 times of these in the last 10 years because of my academic studies.

I always had to start fresh and make new friends, because I moved always to a new city, far away from the old one. I think, to move is hard and fun at the same time. Hard because you have to accustom yourself to new routines, new people and look for new shops, and the bureaucracy of changing your adress isn’t that easy and mostly just time consuming.

But the good things of moving to a new city are to find new amazing friends, make a new city your home and find new favorite places. I like, that I know already four cities in detail, because I lived there for at least two years and discovered so many lovely places and faces of these cities. So here are some photos of Bremen, the big city I lived close by for the last four years and that I will say goodbye to in four weeks.

a melancholic walk in Bremen | the emblem of Bremen: the Bremer Stadtmusikanten | moments to live for

a melancholic walk in Bremen | a walk along the Weser | moments to live for

a melancholic walk in Bremen | graffiti in Bremen | moments to live for

a melancholic walk in Bremen | dark clouds above Bremen | moments to live for

a melancholic walk in Bremen | street art in Bremen | moments to live for

a melancholic walk in Bremen | gulls at the Weser | moments to live for

wish you a good start into the new week

fleamarket on a hot Sunday

way too early by momentstolivefor

This weekend we went to the big fleamarket at Bremen B├╝rgerweide and sold much of our stuff. I’m really into simplifying this year, because I’m overwhelmed by all kinds of things, like too many clothes, that I don’t wear any longer, too many books I want to read, too much crafts I want to try… too much. This is the reason, why I chose ‘simple’ as my word for 2013.

All year long I went through my things and collected those, which were no longer interesting for me or too old or too shappy and gave them away to charity or threw them away, if they looked too bad. Additionally I collected some of it in boxes to sell them on a fleamarket. And this Sunday we finally had the time for our own sales booth. We stood up way too early for a Sunday, but in the end it was worth it. We sold at least two big boxes full of stuff and earned good money for our next vacation. So we went home very beat-up, but happy.

sunrise on the way by momentstolivefor
chess at the fleamarket by momentstolivefor
watching the crowd at the fleamarket by momentstolivefor
barefoot at the fleamarket by momentstolivefor

It was so hot, that we almost burned up and I’m still wondering, why I didn’t get a sunburn on my neck, my favorite place, where I get a sunburn every year. When we came home our cats waited for us, laying lazy in the sun, too lazy to greet us at the door. We unpacked only the really necessary things and then… just lay down, stretched out, drank an icecold Aperol Spritz and ate yummy muffins.

lazy cat on a hot day by momentstolivefor
Aperol Spritz and muffins by momentstolivefor


hope you all had a happy weekend too and enjoyed the amazing weather


PS: I took two of my photo walks ‘fleamarket finds‘ and ‘fleamarket finds II‘ at the same fleamarket.

i heart Bremen

The first two pics show Bremen – the marketplace with its typical Saturday tourists and the lake near the university of Bremen. I really love Bremen, because it has a special style with its historical buildings and flair, its streets full of students and tourists and its lovely places along the Weser river, where you can just sit and relax.

The third photo I shot this morning on my way to the office. I was an hour earlier than usual, but was rewarded with this beautiful sunrise. Only two days to go, till I turn 30, yikes! I must confess, I feel a little nervous. What about you? How do you feel, when a big birthday is drawing near?