first signs of spring

a walk in the sun in Derneburg, Germany |

Sunshine again. The first snowdrops and crocuses. Migratory birds are back. Time for a walk.

We had a lovely time at my parents. My dad celebrated his birthday with our family. It was a fun afternoon with much laugh, mostly because of my almost 2 year old godchild, that made funny faces or trampled through the rooms. But most amazing of all: she lerned to say my name – Sa-bi-ne. Soooo cute. Everyone awww-ed when she pronounced it so very distinct. I’m so proud of her.


the first crocuses of 2014 |

the Derneburg castle, Germany |

a walk in the sun in Derneburg, Germany |

the first snowdrops of 2014 |

PS: all photos were taken with my iPhone 4s and slightly edited with the app VSCOcam.