a whole lot of inspiring blogs & the winner is…

Tell me your favorite blog & win | momentstolivefor.com

While reading and looking at all those blogs you suggested and some I found while wandering the internet (Pinterest and Instagram in particular), I found these gorgeous, inspiring, fabulous blogs. I still can’t believe, how much creativity and loveliness is out there. There are over one hundred thousands blogs in my favorite categories, that are worth being followed. And I’m so sad, I simply can’t. Thank you crafty girls (and guys) for putting all these amazing ideas out there and share them with us. Thanks to you this makes the world so much more beautiful and colorful.

And the winner of the surprise package is Mary from Uncustomary Art with her recommended blog Bianca Jagoe. Congratulations!

I fell in love with Bianca’s blog within the first three posts and it made me smile and even laugh out loud. Additionally I love the photo style and the cool photos of her son. Thank you Mary for suggesting it.

Thank you to all who suggested blogs. They were all fun to read and several went on my reading list. Here are the blogs that I added to my feed, all wonderful & inspiring in their own way:

DIY, Scrapbooking & Crafts:

Fall For DIY: Beautiful simple blog about DIYs. The pictures are gorgeous and the ideas fresh and new.

Simple As That: A series about organization of photos, additionally tipps and ideas around crafting and cooking.

Martu Alterada: Wonderful minialbums and other scrapbooking projects.

Amelia Writes Here: About paper, lists & life and a lot of beautiful art journal pages.

Papierprojekt: Only in German, but fantastic Project Life and scrapbooking pages and her own beautiful stamps.

A Subtle Revelry: Cute DIY projects. She just released her first book with her craft projects.

Well Nesting: DIYs, recips and more.

Hands Occupied: Amazing blog about knitting.

Green Fingerprint: Design, memory keeping and goal setting.

Life Captured Inc. : A group blog about photography and memory keeping.


At Wild: Unusual blog about creativity, life and travel.

The Nectar Collective: Design, lifestyle and business.

BBB Living: Magical, inspiring photos and life as a whole.


Hope Engaged: Travel blog full of beautiful photos and stories by a young traveling pair.

Sonne & Wolken: German travel blog with fabulous photos.

Ink & Adventure: Travel experiences and adventures of a girl.

thanks for all the marvelous inspiriation

Tell me your favorite blog & win a package full of surprises

tell me your favorite blog & win a surprise package | momentstolivefor.com

One of my goals this month is to find new marvelous blogs to read. From time to time I clean my feed of all the blogs, that don’t inspire me any longer or that talk about themes no longer relevant to me. My focus in life is always changing and so is my taste. Since I’m mostly around the same blog themes lately, it’s hard to find really new blogs. Where are the blogrolls everyone had on her and his blog two years ago? It was the best way to find new amazing blogs.

This is the reason, why I would like to ask you, to tell me your favorite blog in the comments. The one, who suggests the blog I will love the most, will win a surprise package, stuffed with fabulous things. The call ends at Feb 26th 6PM CET and is open to everyone. I will announce the winner at March 08th.

–> I announced the winner here.

Here are some things I love to read about: crafts, photography, travel, art, blogging business, art journaling, simplifying, life lessons, scrapbooking, projects, goals, … and some more. But I’m totally open to new themes. I love beautiful photos that inspire me and make me want to get better at it. Texts that make me think about life and myself. Projects (craft, photography, life) which keep me thinking about new projects for my own. Crafts that lead to new directions in my work.

Here are my all time favorite blogs I read religiously, most of them for years:

Crafts, Scrapbooking & Project Life:

A Beautiful Mess: DIY, photography projects, decoration, fashion and simply a lot of inspiration to make by hand.

Elise Blaha-Cripe: Uncountable fascinating, inspiring projects. Goal setting, scrapbooking, DIYs, Project Life and some more.

Caylee Grey: Founder of Get Messy and therefore a lot of beautiful art journals, additionally goal setting, scrapbooking and Project Life.

Betwixt & Between: Simply scrapbooking magic.

Lauren likes: Get Messy founder, Project Life and world traveler.

Making Nice In The Midwest: Minialbum & art journaler, creative and simply a little bit different in an inspiring way.

The Handcrafted Story: Everyday posts about crafting ideas, techniques and art journaling.

Mini-eco: Colorful little things to make by hand.

Manda Townsend: Project Life and family photography.

Jamaica Makes: Scrapbooking, minialbums and Project Life.

I like grey: Beautiful messy minialbums and scrapbooking.

life love paper: Pretty paper and inspiration.

Give A Girl A Blog: Creative, crafty stamp-maker.

Paislee Press: Scrapbooking and Project Life inspiration.

Vanessa Perry: Simple beauty of art journaling, minialbums and hand lettering.

Art & photography:

Colossal: The best of modern art around the internet.

Cereal Magazine: Simplicity in a magazine – especially photography.

Hula seventy: Colorful, magical photography.

Xanthe Berkeley: The most beautiful, colorful photography and magical videos.

Life lessons:

Susannah Conway: Stories for the soul and dreamy photography.

Rowdy Kittens: Author of “You can buy happiness (and it’s cheap)” and everyday photographer.

Alexandra Franzen: Wise woman on business and life questions.

Gala Darling: Founder of the Radical Self Love Bible.

Uncustomary Art: Simply happiness and full of life.

The Fresh Exchange: Travel, lifestyle and inspiring thoughts on life.

Blogging & Business:

Kyla Roma: Blogging and business help.

Elembee: Tipps for entrepreneurs and blogging business


Nomadic-Habit: Travel stories from around the world.

Slow Travel Berlin: Unusual and secret stories about Berlin.

ink + adventure: Travel adventures from around the world.

I’m looking forward to your recommendations

get messy art journal | january

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

There’s a giveaway today on my Instagram @sabinecrafts. I’m giving away a free spot on the awesome Get Messy Art Journal community, that Caylee and Lauren worked so hard for the last months. It starts at Feb 5th and I can’t wait to see, what they’ve created. You can follow the community at Instagram @getmessyartjournal.

Inspired by Caylee, who filled an entire art journal cahier in one night, I journaled all Sunday through and made a lot of new pages. The “struggle” page and the black out text are prompts from the Get Messy Newsletter. The other themes simply crossed my mind. I tried not to overthink every page and instead just went with the flow. It was an fabulous experience to see, what I’m capable of, when I let my feelings reign and not my head.

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | January | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | Get Messy | momentstolivefor.com

my word for 2015: share

Be open & share

Since the last year was all about getting used to the new living situation with my boyfriend in our first home, in the new exciting and stressing city of Berlin and the new job, I had not much space for anything else. My word for 2014 „enjoy“ helped me focus on the moment and not being overwhelmed by all the new things hassling with me. Sadly it did not much more. It didn’t trigger any actions or projects and I simply didn’t work with it much. Now that we are mostly used to the new living situation and finally really arrived in Berlin, I have time and energy again for new exciting, magical projects.

My word for 2015 came to me at the beginning of December last year. I stumbled about some projects, like not damaging street art (little notes on street lamps and walls) or someone giving little gifts to strangers, which made me think, how beautiful it is to share something good and make someone smile with something simple as that. Above that I made a little video with a dear colleague for our firm about a social facility in Berlin named Die Arche. It supports poor children and their families by giving them a free meal after school, helping them with their homework and let them simply play and forget their everyday distressing living situation. When I packed a little package for them with some Advent calendars, some christmas decorations and sweets, it felt good and so necessary to share some of my luck with someone not so lucky. That’s when I decided, that „share“ would be my word for 2015.

A second focus will be you, my dear readers. I noticed, that I’m not overly open about my private life at my blog. That won’t change totally this year, but I will try to show you a little bit more about our home and life. I will try to share more of my knowledge and experiences, more of my projects and more of what inspires me. The hard part about sharing, especially the personal stuff, is being open not only to praise but to criticism as well. Therefore I chose another word to accompany „share“. It’s „be open“ and means to me: be open to new adventures, be open to new experiences, be open to new chances. Make new experiences and share them. Be open & share – I think, these two go very well together and set the mood for the new year.

Be open & share - monthly focus

In 2013 Elise Blaha chose additional to her one little word a verb for every month. I loved that idea and it swam around in my mind since then. Thus I chose a verb for every month too, to set the focus on a special part of my life. In April the slogan is f.e. „create & share“ – as you may have guessed, in this month I will post especially crafty things and even one, two or more tutorials. I hope these little words help me not feeling overwhelmed and trying to do every project at the same time. I’m very happy with the chosen words for every month. I think, they will fit the process of the year perfectly.

calendar 2015 - be open & share (giveaway)

I chose the #fromwhereistand pictures, because I always have wanted to use them in a photo project and when I scrolled through my countless collection of photos, I found several that fit the themes. So the deal was done. When I designed the cover photos for every month, I fell in love with them and had the idea to turn them into my new calendar for my workspace. It’s the perfect fit – I have a beautiful picture to look at and it reminds me of my focus for the month at the same time. And since „share“ is the word this year, I decided to share the calendar with you. You can download it here.

I feel energized and motivated. Can’t wait to start with all my little and bigger projects and tell you about them. So…

let’s make it a fantastic year