sweet serendipity

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Some inspiring, colorful finds from the internet:

I need to do something like this too, someday. So fun.

A little reminder: use what you already have and use it wisely.

Beautiful artwork. Lovely.

Toddlers favorite things – book by Elise. So cute.

“We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.” by Zen habits.

Magical photographs turned into modern art

Just because: reasons to love Instagram.

Multipotentioalite – the world needs us.

Finally an explanation: Why we remember only the negative things…

90 days of practicing gratitude – very helpful and good tipps.

Before you go shopping for Christmas gifts, watch this (found via Becoming Minimalist).

Important question, especially in this time of year: What Do You Want to be Thanked For?

How to bring more mindfulness into your life today.

Most important Ted Talk ever. You have to watch this. Really makes you think.

have a beautiful weekend


sweet serendipity

sweet-serendipity | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring finds from the internet:

How fun!

“I’m ready to slip out of this old self and step into the next incarnation, the next chapter. Yesterday is too small for me now; I want to run towards tomorrow. I want tomorrow to be today.“ by Susannah Conway

What to do when you have “too many ideas.”

Unbelievable beauty.

Looks like adventure to sleep in here.

When do you have time to read?

Need to try this this summer – looks like a lot of fun and perfect for hot days.

Made me tear up – the most intense moment a photographer can experience.

How to thrive, when coming back home from exciting travel adventures.


Can you believe these photos to be real? So outstanding.

A fun way to fill potholes (oh, I know a lot of places where this would fit perfectly).

Dance little penguin, dance.

Some wisdom about blogging – so important to define what success means to you, just for yourself.

Pretty worlds of flowers.

Artists and cats belong together – here’s the proof.

Important pictures.

If it weren’t sad, it would be amazing.

Snail Mail Game Show – fun project by the wonderful Mary.

Unbelievable strong pictures – you are drown into this video, full of life.

Have a sunny, funny weekend. 


sweet serendipity

fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Unbelievable, the first octographer.

Wisdom from Elise, the goal-setting master.

A garden should be wild. Here’s why.

Such cute clocks for children, or yourself. Bought two and still thinking about keeping one for myself.

Miraculous little movie.

The Unlikely Bond between His Family and an Orphaned Birdby – such beauty.

“With web design, building your audience, or blogging, sometimes the best course of action is to just try it out and see what happens.” (by Elembee).

National Stationery Week Paper Animation from Paperchase.

Dreamlike photos.

Guerrilla Gardening In Baltimore For Earth Day.

Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Plant Sculptures.

Unicode symbols & letters – didn’t know the beauty of these until now.

A real quick and beautiful Day in the Life-minialbum. So cool.

Mouthwatering Food & Cooking Cinemagraphs by ‘Kitchen Ghosts’.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend. 


sweet serendipity

zebra rug |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

This weekend I started to catch up on Project Life big time. For that I collected a lot of ideas & tips on this Pinterest board.

I always wanted one, now thanks to this tutorial I can make my own.

Do you like colorful embroidery? Do you know the sisters Maricor Maricar? You should.

All knitters, this is for you. Made me laugh.

Kids games, that appear when it’s raining… so cool.

Would love to have my house painted like this.

Do you know Tsundoku? First I thought, it was some kind of Suduko, but it’s much more fun… this is about all those books you bought and pile up in your home, because you still haven’t read them.

Unbelievable beautiful lights that bloom like flowers.

Oh my, I need these

… and one of these. So cute and hilarious.

Thoughts on reading online.

One of my favorite stories on Steller with magical paper art.

Another fun photo project (#21dayphotoproject).

Wisdom about blogging from Elembee.

Thoughts on neophile people (like me). A new, very interesting blog by the way.

Life lessons about quitting sugar. Lol.

Chocolate art.

be inspired & have fun

get messy art journal | march

art journal | March | momentstolivefor.com

This month was filled with life. We went on a vacation in the Netherlands, I met a lot of friends, the weeks were filled with dates with friends and colleagues and work was full of meetings and tasks. Therefore there weren’t enough hours in the day for anything else, but I’m totally okay with it since time with friends and family is my highest priority. Living my life is important to me. So it’s okay, if I don’t find the time for crafting or blogging. That’s one of the main reasons, why I don’t monetize this blog. Because I like the freedom to blog, when I want and don’t have to meet any deadlines.

A few weeks ago I started a new Pinterest board about art that inspires me and would like to copy as art journal page. At the moment I try to change my style of art journaling and try a lot of new ways to fill a page. So these pages look a lot different than the ones I did until now.

art journal | March | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | March | momentstolivefor.com

art journal | Get Messy | momentstolivefor.com

sweet serendipity

starfish |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

When I pinned this to my Pinterest board, the other board appeared – pure Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s so funny and cool & stylish at the same time.

How to plan your scrapbook via Instagram – such a cool idea by the fabulous Lauren.

Pretty little flip book. Would make a great gift for every occasion.

Make your own soap that look like precious stones.

Thoughts for photographers: draw with light.

This video took exactly 5 seconds to shoot and is now a 3’30 video. Unbelievable.

Make a zine. It’s like an art journal in style of a magazine. Simply lovely.

I need to print this graphic.

Trails of seagulls, like you never saw them before.

Do you like dancing? Then this is for you.

Wisdom from the happiness spreading Mary: “Because if you have it all figured out, […] you’d be pretty fucking bored with this whole life thing.”

How to paint with lego

Unbelievably beautiful photos of an 365 project – full of life.

#likeagirl – made me almost cry. so true.

architecture designed by you – fun and amazing at the same time.

have a wonderful, magical weekend

sweet serendipity

gully cover in Wilhelmshaven |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Magical bangles filled with flowers and bark.

Such fun wordart – would be perfect for my workspace.

Fell instantly in love with these photos and the idea of edible chocolate messages is marvelous.

Want to plan your Project Life pages? May be this free printable helps.

Honk if you are happy – I definitely would, if I had a car.

Calligraphy in 3D, amazing.

Fabulous landscapes like the Brothers Grimm described them.

Beautiful minimalistic design, maybe useable in Project Life?

Fun sketches around everyday things. Make me laugh every time.

You know, I love challenges and this one is simply inspiring.

I’m totally into sand art since our last year vacation and these are so fun.

Definitely need to organize my photos and this series is perfect to follow along. [PART 1 | PART 2].

This is the perfect last page for a Project Life album.

A lot, lot of cool freebies, perfect for Project Life, especially cooking themed pages.

Creative problem solving in the face of extreme limits. Simply genius ideas.

This is sooo lovely.

And if you missed it, I am giving away a package full of fabulous surprises. Just tell me your favorite blog.

have a fabulous weekend

inspiration blog hop

my workspace | momentstolivefor.com

Hey guys, I know, I’m much too late for it, but I wanted to do it anyway. In September I got nominated for the blog hop by two lovely ladies Aimee of ‘Betwixt & Between’, which scrapbooking pages makes me jealous and her layouts inspire me, and Lauren of ‘Lauren likes’, the co-founder of Get Messy and inspiring blogger. Thanks again, you two, for the nomination!

What are you currently working on?
Mostly catching up on Project Life 2014 and getting my photos in the backlog from school time and later into other Project Life albums. Additionally I work on art journal pages for Get Messy, my #365craftingtime challenge and since start of the year my crafty year 2015 project with 53 little or bigger crafty projects. Beside that I have a minialbum, I want to make from our last vacation in Denmark. There’s a lot going on, but it’s fun to jump from one project to another.

calendar 2015 with my one little word | momentstolivefor.com

How does your work differ from others?
I think, I have a really simple and clean style, although really colorful and with playful patterns. Messy pages are not my thing, although there are so many beautiful examples out there. But it’s simply not my style. Within my minialbums, photobooks and art journals the main focus is on one or two pictures or photos, without much embellishments or paper scraps around it.

Why do you create?
SImply, because it makes me happy. It’s my thing. I love to work with my hands and create something beautiful, that I or other like to look at and make their lives a little bit more colorful and happy. I love having eyecatching things all around me. I look at them and smile. Additionally I like to make unique things, in my very own style.

art journal page | momentstolivefor.com

What is your process?
I think, I don’t really have one. I work and create as I go. Most of the time I look for inspiration on the internet, mainly blogs & Pinterest, collect the ideas or if something really gets to me, I sit down and try it instantly.

My process with minialbums is a little bit different. Maybe I look for inspiration on the interent, but most of the time I start with the photos and try to find a layout that suits them. Then I print them in the needed format and make a book of them. Only after that I start to add embellishments and maybe journal a little bit into the book. But mostly the little books are unfinished without journaling. Journaling is hard for me. I’ve accustomed to let the photos speak for themselves.

minialbum: be grateful | momentstolivefor.com

And because I like to read their answers too, I nominate the always happy and fantastic Mary of Uncustomary Art, the productive and creative Anika of The Handcrafted Story and the inspiring and stamp-elious Kellie of Give A Girl A Blog. Looking forward to reading their answers.

hope you got a little more insight into my creative life

what’s on my craft table?

what's on my craft table | day in the life album | momentstolivefor.com

When I gathered the photos for this post, I noticed how many pictures of stamps there are. Now I’m no longer only a washi tape addict, now I’m a rubber stamp addict too. Yikes. With the new alphabet stamps of Green Grass Stamps, I’ve almost filled a second box with mounted rubber stamps. I love to mount even my favorite clear stamps, because this way they are easier to handle.

Motivated through my craft challenge, I’ve already finished two projects, which were sitting in my backlog for over half an year. I’m so happy to have finally completed them – the ‘day in the life’ album from these photos and the ‘photo booth’ neon mini album. Next week I will share the later with you.

Aside from that, I’m working on my art journal in cooperation with Laura and Caylee for ‘Get Messy‘. And made one evening a little moodboard to have a starting point the next morning. It worked very well.

Wwhat's on my craft table | preparing to mount clear stamps | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table | neon minialbum | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table | alphabet stamps by Green Grass Stamps | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table | artjournaling | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table | moodboard | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table | day in the life album | momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table | mounted clear stamps collection | momentstolivefor.com

have fun crafting


minialbum: inspiration 2014

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | cover | momentstolivefor.com

After the big move I was tired of sorting through endless rows of boxes and putting everything into place. So I did a little scrapbooking. On Pinterest I had a collection of motivational posts and quotes for the new year. Because I couldn’t choose between all these helpful and inspiring quotes, I decided to select more and turn them into a minialbum.

It was fun to use my two stamp and all of my sticker alphabets for this project. I love most about this mini, that it’s that simple. Just typography plus a little color and black & white patterns on the left side for contrast. Now it stands on my shelf above my desk and reminds me of my mantras for this year. Now and then I turn the pages to choose another quote for some time.

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | do something today... | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | be the change | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | live for today | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | worrying solves nothing | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | good things take time | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | the power to change | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | I'm not weird | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | it's not the load... | momentstolivefor.com

minialbum: inspirational quotes 2014 | collect moments not things | momentstolivefor.com

If you have any questions, write me an email (blog [a] momentstolivefor.com) or leave a comment.