time for a (personal) change

time for a (personal) change | I heart sport | momentstolivefor.com

The last year was exciting, stressful, amazing, stuffed with tasks, always on the move, traveling from here to there and back again. We worked a long-distance relationship, looked for our new apartment in Berlin, renovated two other apartments, prepared the big move, my boyfriend moved five (!) times last year and I managed to find a new job. Besides that we went to two weddings and two baptisms, where I became a godmother twice. Therefore there were too little time for anything else, may it be crafting, personal change or sport activities.

But now that we’ve finally settled into our new living situation and I into my new work life, it’s the perfect time to do something for body and soul – for my fitness, body feeling and personal progress. I’m someone who strives always to get better at things, may it be crafting, technical things or personal development.

So first of all I took some steps to get a better body feeling, shape up and get fitter. I gained 20 pounds last year through all this stress and mostly unhealthy food. Although I’m not a person who needs the perfect body shape, I just felt uncomfortable with all this additional weight and fat and was somehow much lazier.

It is the same for my boyfriend, so we decided to go to the gym and train together. Hopefully we can motivate each other over time, or mostly he has to motivate me, because I’m so not a gym person. I love to run in nature and through landscapes and feel the wind and sun on my face. But since the next park or the Spree river are too far away, from where we live and I don’t like to run through streets, this was the only option. The good thing is, that I now can train when I want, even when it’s dark and it rains like hell. More than that there are courses I can take like Pilates and Yoga. I liked to do exercises like these before, but can’t in our small apartment. So this solution is perfect.

To monitor my eating behavior, I started using the Lifesum app. You can fill in all food and drinks of your day everyday and your training units. Even shopping counts 😉 And you know almost exactly how much calories you ate and burned. It helps me getting a better feeling for my eating behavior, if it’s healthy or not and how to balance the (nutrition) intake. I don’t want to go on a diet. I just want to eat healthier and the right amount. If you want to, you can even monitor your body change with weight and other body measures. So this app is very helpful.

Personally I want to change some bad behaviors and get better at others. So I started the „Change“ ecourse by edX, the free course platform with lectures from first class universities and free for all that have internet. The course teaches a new way to change your behavior and it looks really interesting.

So this is the big plan for this year. I think, I have to start a new Pinterest board for motivating quotes and pictures. So I don’t give up after a few weeks. Every excuse counts to start a new board. You know, what I mean, right?! 😉