minialbum: streetart

streetart minialbum details by momentstolivefor

Streetart is amazing. It pops up on places you would never imagine. It colors places, that would otherwise be grey and unremarkable. It’s a non-conformist art. It can be a grafitti, a tag, a chalk painting on a sidewalk or even an installation with lego or wool.

streetart minialbum cover by momentstolivefor

A while ago I started taking pictures of streetart, wherever I walked, foremost in Bremen and on my big biketour this year. I really like the photos and wanted to present them in some way and not just keep them on my computer. In July I had a craft flash and prepared this minialbum with streetmaps as background, but at that moment I hadn’t any photos at hand. Last week I edited the photos and ordered them. I really like the white frame with the rounded corners.

streetart minialbum pages by momentstolivefor
streetart minialbum pages by momentstolivefor

For the minialbum I used only old street maps, washi tapes and two bookrings. That’s it. It was very easy and fast to make. 🙂

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What’s on my craft table?

instagram photos from @momentstolivefor

Today I want to share some peeks from my work desk this week. When I look at these pictures I’m always amazed how many craft things I’ve done this week. In my mind it always goes like this: “Man, how I would like to have more time to craft. What I could do with all this time…” But acutally I do craft everyday and that’s pretty awesome, even if i need photos to remind me of that later. 🙂

be patient - reminder

A little reminder for me to stay calm and just be patient about things, that won’t happen over night.

minialbum Hildesheim

Started a new minialbum of my old hometown Hildesheim. Finally a place for a pack of old photos from my backlog. It’s not finished yet, because I want to write more about my memories, so it will take some time. But the book is already full with photos and just waiting for me to grap my pencil and write away.

pinterest screenshot

branding icon ideas

My secret project is in the making. Everday I try to do something for it and if it’s just a little thing. But that’s what makes the progress in the end. I think, next week I will be ready to share it with you guys. But I believe you can already guess, what it is, don’t you? 😉

streetart minialbum cover

a peek inside my streetart-minialbum

Yesterday my photos for the “street art”-minialbum arrived. I prepared this minialbum already in July, but hadn’t  the perfect pictures at hand. So the mini just sat on my table and waited,… till I brought several photos from my big biketour and one, two trips to Bremen. I share the whole minialbum next week.

stamps from Elise Joy

And finally the beautiful stamps from Elise arrived. Can’t wait to use them on some craft projects and minialbums. They will be so gorgeous. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the fall season!