goal setting for 2013

I love to plan. I love to set goals. So every year around Christmas and my birthday in August I sit down, think about the last year, what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve really missed and what I’ve disliked. Then I start to figure out, what  I want to achieve the upcoming year, what’s really possible, what dreams I have, are my dreams for my future still the same as last year or do I have to rearrange them? What do I want to get rid off and what do I want to keep in my life and concentrate even more on?

Sometimes I even do it in between like you can read here. It helps me to focus on the really important things in my life and to set the right priorities. Otherwise I’m just doing something of this, and something of that, but never really accomplish anything.

So this year these really helped me to set my goals for 2013:
The free (!) workbook “Unravelling the year ahead 2013” by Susannah Conway
– review 2012 and set your goals for 2013 –
The self-paced project “I choose” by Elise Blaha (15$)
– how to set your goals and follow along –
If you want to organize your goals Mighty Girl has some very helpful tipps
for you on “An Easy System for Organizing Goals“.