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Time for some colorful, inspiring finds from the internet:

How fun!

“I’m ready to slip out of this old self and step into the next incarnation, the next chapter. Yesterday is too small for me now; I want to run towards tomorrow. I want tomorrow to be today.“ by Susannah Conway

What to do when you have “too many ideas.”

Unbelievable beauty.

Looks like adventure to sleep in here.

When do you have time to read?

Need to try this this summer – looks like a lot of fun and perfect for hot days.

Made me tear up – the most intense moment a photographer can experience.

How to thrive, when coming back home from exciting travel adventures.


Can you believe these photos to be real? So outstanding.

A fun way to fill potholes (oh, I know a lot of places where this would fit perfectly).

Dance little penguin, dance.

Some wisdom about blogging – so important to define what success means to you, just for yourself.

Pretty worlds of flowers.

Artists and cats belong together – here’s the proof.

Important pictures.

If it weren’t sad, it would be amazing.

Snail Mail Game Show – fun project by the wonderful Mary.

Unbelievable strong pictures – you are drown into this video, full of life.

Have a sunny, funny weekend. 


sweet serendipity

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Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Unbelievable, the first octographer.

Wisdom from Elise, the goal-setting master.

A garden should be wild. Here’s why.

Such cute clocks for children, or yourself. Bought two and still thinking about keeping one for myself.

Miraculous little movie.

The Unlikely Bond between His Family and an Orphaned Birdby – such beauty.

“With web design, building your audience, or blogging, sometimes the best course of action is to just try it out and see what happens.” (by Elembee).

National Stationery Week Paper Animation from Paperchase.

Dreamlike photos.

Guerrilla Gardening In Baltimore For Earth Day.

Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Plant Sculptures.

Unicode symbols & letters – didn’t know the beauty of these until now.

A real quick and beautiful Day in the Life-minialbum. So cool.

Mouthwatering Food & Cooking Cinemagraphs by ‘Kitchen Ghosts’.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend. 


sweet serendipity

zebra rug |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

This weekend I started to catch up on Project Life big time. For that I collected a lot of ideas & tips on this Pinterest board.

I always wanted one, now thanks to this tutorial I can make my own.

Do you like colorful embroidery? Do you know the sisters Maricor Maricar? You should.

All knitters, this is for you. Made me laugh.

Kids games, that appear when it’s raining… so cool.

Would love to have my house painted like this.

Do you know Tsundoku? First I thought, it was some kind of Suduko, but it’s much more fun… this is about all those books you bought and pile up in your home, because you still haven’t read them.

Unbelievable beautiful lights that bloom like flowers.

Oh my, I need these

… and one of these. So cute and hilarious.

Thoughts on reading online.

One of my favorite stories on Steller with magical paper art.

Another fun photo project (#21dayphotoproject).

Wisdom about blogging from Elembee.

Thoughts on neophile people (like me). A new, very interesting blog by the way.

Life lessons about quitting sugar. Lol.

Chocolate art.

be inspired & have fun

sweet serendipity

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Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

When I pinned this to my Pinterest board, the other board appeared – pure Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s so funny and cool & stylish at the same time.

How to plan your scrapbook via Instagram – such a cool idea by the fabulous Lauren.

Pretty little flip book. Would make a great gift for every occasion.

Make your own soap that look like precious stones.

Thoughts for photographers: draw with light.

This video took exactly 5 seconds to shoot and is now a 3’30 video. Unbelievable.

Make a zine. It’s like an art journal in style of a magazine. Simply lovely.

I need to print this graphic.

Trails of seagulls, like you never saw them before.

Do you like dancing? Then this is for you.

Wisdom from the happiness spreading Mary: “Because if you have it all figured out, […] you’d be pretty fucking bored with this whole life thing.”

How to paint with lego

Unbelievably beautiful photos of an 365 project – full of life.

#likeagirl – made me almost cry. so true.

architecture designed by you – fun and amazing at the same time.

have a wonderful, magical weekend

a whole lot of inspiring blogs & the winner is…

Tell me your favorite blog & win | momentstolivefor.com

While reading and looking at all those blogs you suggested and some I found while wandering the internet (Pinterest and Instagram in particular), I found these gorgeous, inspiring, fabulous blogs. I still can’t believe, how much creativity and loveliness is out there. There are over one hundred thousands blogs in my favorite categories, that are worth being followed. And I’m so sad, I simply can’t. Thank you crafty girls (and guys) for putting all these amazing ideas out there and share them with us. Thanks to you this makes the world so much more beautiful and colorful.

And the winner of the surprise package is Mary from Uncustomary Art with her recommended blog Bianca Jagoe. Congratulations!

I fell in love with Bianca’s blog within the first three posts and it made me smile and even laugh out loud. Additionally I love the photo style and the cool photos of her son. Thank you Mary for suggesting it.

Thank you to all who suggested blogs. They were all fun to read and several went on my reading list. Here are the blogs that I added to my feed, all wonderful & inspiring in their own way:

DIY, Scrapbooking & Crafts:

Fall For DIY: Beautiful simple blog about DIYs. The pictures are gorgeous and the ideas fresh and new.

Simple As That: A series about organization of photos, additionally tipps and ideas around crafting and cooking.

Martu Alterada: Wonderful minialbums and other scrapbooking projects.

Amelia Writes Here: About paper, lists & life and a lot of beautiful art journal pages.

Papierprojekt: Only in German, but fantastic Project Life and scrapbooking pages and her own beautiful stamps.

A Subtle Revelry: Cute DIY projects. She just released her first book with her craft projects.

Well Nesting: DIYs, recips and more.

Hands Occupied: Amazing blog about knitting.

Green Fingerprint: Design, memory keeping and goal setting.

Life Captured Inc. : A group blog about photography and memory keeping.


At Wild: Unusual blog about creativity, life and travel.

The Nectar Collective: Design, lifestyle and business.

BBB Living: Magical, inspiring photos and life as a whole.


Hope Engaged: Travel blog full of beautiful photos and stories by a young traveling pair.

Sonne & Wolken: German travel blog with fabulous photos.

Ink & Adventure: Travel experiences and adventures of a girl.

thanks for all the marvelous inspiriation

sweet serendipity

gully cover in Wilhelmshaven |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Magical bangles filled with flowers and bark.

Such fun wordart – would be perfect for my workspace.

Fell instantly in love with these photos and the idea of edible chocolate messages is marvelous.

Want to plan your Project Life pages? May be this free printable helps.

Honk if you are happy – I definitely would, if I had a car.

Calligraphy in 3D, amazing.

Fabulous landscapes like the Brothers Grimm described them.

Beautiful minimalistic design, maybe useable in Project Life?

Fun sketches around everyday things. Make me laugh every time.

You know, I love challenges and this one is simply inspiring.

I’m totally into sand art since our last year vacation and these are so fun.

Definitely need to organize my photos and this series is perfect to follow along. [PART 1 | PART 2].

This is the perfect last page for a Project Life album.

A lot, lot of cool freebies, perfect for Project Life, especially cooking themed pages.

Creative problem solving in the face of extreme limits. Simply genius ideas.

This is sooo lovely.

And if you missed it, I am giving away a package full of fabulous surprises. Just tell me your favorite blog.

have a fabulous weekend

Tell me your favorite blog & win a package full of surprises

tell me your favorite blog & win a surprise package | momentstolivefor.com

One of my goals this month is to find new marvelous blogs to read. From time to time I clean my feed of all the blogs, that don’t inspire me any longer or that talk about themes no longer relevant to me. My focus in life is always changing and so is my taste. Since I’m mostly around the same blog themes lately, it’s hard to find really new blogs. Where are the blogrolls everyone had on her and his blog two years ago? It was the best way to find new amazing blogs.

This is the reason, why I would like to ask you, to tell me your favorite blog in the comments. The one, who suggests the blog I will love the most, will win a surprise package, stuffed with fabulous things. The call ends at Feb 26th 6PM CET and is open to everyone. I will announce the winner at March 08th.

–> I announced the winner here.

Here are some things I love to read about: crafts, photography, travel, art, blogging business, art journaling, simplifying, life lessons, scrapbooking, projects, goals, … and some more. But I’m totally open to new themes. I love beautiful photos that inspire me and make me want to get better at it. Texts that make me think about life and myself. Projects (craft, photography, life) which keep me thinking about new projects for my own. Crafts that lead to new directions in my work.

Here are my all time favorite blogs I read religiously, most of them for years:

Crafts, Scrapbooking & Project Life:

A Beautiful Mess: DIY, photography projects, decoration, fashion and simply a lot of inspiration to make by hand.

Elise Blaha-Cripe: Uncountable fascinating, inspiring projects. Goal setting, scrapbooking, DIYs, Project Life and some more.

Caylee Grey: Founder of Get Messy and therefore a lot of beautiful art journals, additionally goal setting, scrapbooking and Project Life.

Betwixt & Between: Simply scrapbooking magic.

Lauren likes: Get Messy founder, Project Life and world traveler.

Making Nice In The Midwest: Minialbum & art journaler, creative and simply a little bit different in an inspiring way.

The Handcrafted Story: Everyday posts about crafting ideas, techniques and art journaling.

Mini-eco: Colorful little things to make by hand.

Manda Townsend: Project Life and family photography.

Jamaica Makes: Scrapbooking, minialbums and Project Life.

I like grey: Beautiful messy minialbums and scrapbooking.

life love paper: Pretty paper and inspiration.

Give A Girl A Blog: Creative, crafty stamp-maker.

Paislee Press: Scrapbooking and Project Life inspiration.

Vanessa Perry: Simple beauty of art journaling, minialbums and hand lettering.

Art & photography:

Colossal: The best of modern art around the internet.

Cereal Magazine: Simplicity in a magazine – especially photography.

Hula seventy: Colorful, magical photography.

Xanthe Berkeley: The most beautiful, colorful photography and magical videos.

Life lessons:

Susannah Conway: Stories for the soul and dreamy photography.

Rowdy Kittens: Author of “You can buy happiness (and it’s cheap)” and everyday photographer.

Alexandra Franzen: Wise woman on business and life questions.

Gala Darling: Founder of the Radical Self Love Bible.

Uncustomary Art: Simply happiness and full of life.

The Fresh Exchange: Travel, lifestyle and inspiring thoughts on life.

Blogging & Business:

Kyla Roma: Blogging and business help.

Elembee: Tipps for entrepreneurs and blogging business


Nomadic-Habit: Travel stories from around the world.

Slow Travel Berlin: Unusual and secret stories about Berlin.

ink + adventure: Travel adventures from around the world.

I’m looking forward to your recommendations

books read in January

books read in January | momentstolivefor.com

The year started really well for me. I managed to read five books in January. That’s more than I ever have until now. I’m a slow reader and read only in bed in the morning or evening. I wrote a little list of books I want to read this year and to not forget about the marvelous books I already read, I will try to write a small book report every month. Maybe you find a book you like. Here’s the first:

The Art of Stillness – Pico Iyer
This was a really fast read. It’s under 100 pages but really lovely to read. Pico Iyer explains what stillness means to him and others he met on his way through life. It’s not a manual to explain, what you should do to reach stillness. It’s more a lot of inspiration and a first step to finding your own kind of stillness. The Art of Stillness is a book I definitely have to read twice to really get it, but it’s wonderful to read.

Yes Please – Amy Poehler
After I heard so much about this praised book, I wanted to read it for myself. I instantly fell in love with it while reading the introduction. I loved Amy’s style of writing, so open and from the heart. Sadly I had troubles with the chapters that included a lot of names from her colleagues. Most of them I didn’t recognize, since they are not that well known in Germany. Therefore the chapters were a little boring because I hadn’t a face in front of me, when she described their characteristics and quirks. But I found it interesting to read more about a typical American girl and her life. Especially I loved the little poems, pictures and creative pages, unusual to these kind of books. They made it so special and personal, more than words only can ever be.

Handbuch des Kriegers des Lichts – Paulo Coelho
The title says it all. It’s a handbook. It’s not a story you can easily read through. It’s a manual for the good-hearted warrior of light and how he acts and reacts on situations. After I finished, I knew I have to read it again in time an make little notes at the end of every small chapter, to conclude the main statement in one sentence. The warrior of light lives on the wisdom of the wisest men on this planet, like Ghandi and the Buddha. The warrior fights for the good things, but knows when to take a step back from the fight. It’s the manual for the good man.

Für Eile fehlt mir die Zeit – Horst Evers
One of the funniest German cabaret artists I know. He lives in Berlin and tells stories of his everyday life. He has such a special style to tell his short stories. I caught myself laughing out loud so many times. Two times I even woke my boyfriend up, who was already sleeping beside me. I don’t know, if his books are translated into English. I fear not, but I really hope, they will in time.

A year of mornings – Maria Vettese & Stephanie Congdon Barnes
Such a wonderful, magical book, about two woman living 3191 miles apart. They share one photo everyday of their mornings and I don’t know, if it’s an accident, but so many photos fit so perfectly together. It seams as if they were planned that way. If you like inspiring, quiet photography, this book is definitely for you.

books to read in 2015

books to read in 2015 | momentstolivefor.com

Don’t be distracted of the books on the photo. They are just some of my beloved books I already have at home. I have already read most of them. When I started to take photos of the book pile, it only took seconds till Finchen stole into the photo. But it’s so cute, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

When I started to make plans for 2015, set goals and planned countless projects, another idea crossed my mind. What if I set a list of books I want to read through the year? Would it be wise to set them at the beginning of a year or just go along and pick whatever I feel like at the moment? I decided to do the list. The reason is simply, I have lots of books I want to read for years and always forgot about them or had another book already, when I remembered them. So this little list isn’t something to stick to religiously, but will be an inspiration and help, if I look for a new book. It’s mostly novels and classics, but there are some book about creativity and lifestyle as well as craft and photography books to inspire me, to lern new crafts and get better at photography and other work related themes.

Novels & Classics:

Inspiration & Work:

Crafts & Photography:

Until now my favorite books of all time are The Nightcircus, The Hobbit, The Art of Non-Conformity, The Neverending Story and Rumo, to name just a few. Do you have any suggestions for me, that could suit my taste? What are you reading at the moment?

take time to read

time for a (personal) change

time for a (personal) change | I heart sport | momentstolivefor.com

The last year was exciting, stressful, amazing, stuffed with tasks, always on the move, traveling from here to there and back again. We worked a long-distance relationship, looked for our new apartment in Berlin, renovated two other apartments, prepared the big move, my boyfriend moved five (!) times last year and I managed to find a new job. Besides that we went to two weddings and two baptisms, where I became a godmother twice. Therefore there were too little time for anything else, may it be crafting, personal change or sport activities.

But now that we’ve finally settled into our new living situation and I into my new work life, it’s the perfect time to do something for body and soul – for my fitness, body feeling and personal progress. I’m someone who strives always to get better at things, may it be crafting, technical things or personal development.

So first of all I took some steps to get a better body feeling, shape up and get fitter. I gained 20 pounds last year through all this stress and mostly unhealthy food. Although I’m not a person who needs the perfect body shape, I just felt uncomfortable with all this additional weight and fat and was somehow much lazier.

It is the same for my boyfriend, so we decided to go to the gym and train together. Hopefully we can motivate each other over time, or mostly he has to motivate me, because I’m so not a gym person. I love to run in nature and through landscapes and feel the wind and sun on my face. But since the next park or the Spree river are too far away, from where we live and I don’t like to run through streets, this was the only option. The good thing is, that I now can train when I want, even when it’s dark and it rains like hell. More than that there are courses I can take like Pilates and Yoga. I liked to do exercises like these before, but can’t in our small apartment. So this solution is perfect.

To monitor my eating behavior, I started using the Lifesum app. You can fill in all food and drinks of your day everyday and your training units. Even shopping counts 😉 And you know almost exactly how much calories you ate and burned. It helps me getting a better feeling for my eating behavior, if it’s healthy or not and how to balance the (nutrition) intake. I don’t want to go on a diet. I just want to eat healthier and the right amount. If you want to, you can even monitor your body change with weight and other body measures. So this app is very helpful.

Personally I want to change some bad behaviors and get better at others. So I started the „Change“ ecourse by edX, the free course platform with lectures from first class universities and free for all that have internet. The course teaches a new way to change your behavior and it looks really interesting.

So this is the big plan for this year. I think, I have to start a new Pinterest board for motivating quotes and pictures. So I don’t give up after a few weeks. Every excuse counts to start a new board. You know, what I mean, right?! 😉