sweet serendipity

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Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds. This year I will change the sweet serendipity posts a little bit up. Because at the end of last year I felt like doing only these posts and not much more. So this year I will share only once a month my finds from the internet but rather more. Have fun & be inspired!

So pretty: a touch of nature for your home. If I were a squirrel, I would buy these.

How to be happy – by the always happy and inspiring Uncustomary Art.

A must have: a puzzle for color lovers.

Impressive woman – the old lady Heidi Hetzer (70) is driving around the world in her pre-World War II car. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook or track her progress here.

And speaking of old woman: life lessons from a 90-year-old woman. Such wisdom.

Unbelievable clouds, rolling like waves in the ocean.

Feeling like New Years Eve again: flowers looking like firework by Sara Hillenberger.

For all paper lovers: a magical world made out of paper – in a PC game ‘Lumino City‘.

A freebie for all Project Lifer for your 2015 album by the creative Caylee.

Still in love with these paper animals, especially the fox.

My favorite video from OK Go: Needing/Getting. For the love of musical instruments.

Such a cute idea: collect the best quotes from your family in a magical jar.

And big news, I’m on Facebook now. 🙂

have a magical weekend