sweet serendipity

gully cover in Wilhelmshaven |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Magical bangles filled with flowers and bark.

Such fun wordart – would be perfect for my workspace.

Fell instantly in love with these photos and the idea of edible chocolate messages is marvelous.

Want to plan your Project Life pages? May be this free printable helps.

Honk if you are happy – I definitely would, if I had a car.

Calligraphy in 3D, amazing.

Fabulous landscapes like the Brothers Grimm described them.

Beautiful minimalistic design, maybe useable in Project Life?

Fun sketches around everyday things. Make me laugh every time.

You know, I love challenges and this one is simply inspiring.

Iā€™m totally into sand art since our last year vacation and these are so fun.

Definitely need to organize my photos and this series is perfect to follow along. [PART 1 | PART 2].

This is the perfect last page for a Project Life album.

A lot, lot of cool freebies, perfect for Project Life, especially cooking themed pages.

Creative problem solving in the face of extreme limits. Simply genius ideas.

This is sooo lovely.

And if you missed it, I am giving away a package full of fabulous surprises. Just tell me your favorite blog.

have a fabulous weekend

sweet serendipity

#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds. This year I will change the sweet serendipity posts a little bit up. Because at the end of last year I felt like doing only these posts and not much more. So this year I will share only once a month my finds from the internet but rather more. Have fun & be inspired!

So pretty: a touch of nature for your home. If I were a squirrel, I would buy these.

How to be happy – by the always happy and inspiring Uncustomary Art.

A must have: a puzzle for color lovers.

Impressive woman – the old lady Heidi Hetzer (70) is driving around the world in her pre-World War II car. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook or track her progress here.

And speaking of old woman: life lessons from a 90-year-old woman. Such wisdom.

Unbelievable clouds, rolling like waves in the ocean.

Feeling like New Years Eve again: flowers looking like firework by Sara Hillenberger.

For all paper lovers: a magical world made out of paper – in a PC game ‘Lumino City‘.

A freebie for all Project Lifer for your 2015 album by the creative Caylee.

Still in love with these paper animals, especially the fox.

My favorite video from OK Go: Needing/Getting. For the love of musical instruments.

Such a cute idea: collect the best quotes from your family in a magical jar.

And big news, I’m on Facebook now. šŸ™‚

have a magical weekend