what’s on my craft table?

make it happen | garland | momentstolivefor.com

‚Make it happen‘ – this little garland should spend motivation, when I’m working on my craft table. It hangs above my head in my chosen colors for this year. This year is about getting things done, staying motivated and share it with everyone.

Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

Since I decided to do this year’s Project Life album just with the colors black, white, grey and gold (more to that in another post), I collected and made a lot of cards. I cut some from scrapbooking paper like here from the awesome collection of Amy Tangerine ‚Stichted‘, painted some myself and collected beautiful pictures from Pinterest and put them in the right format. Now I’m looking forward to a lot of Project Life this year.

Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

When I saw all these beautiful cards on Pinterest and was inspired by all the gold used lately everywhere in design, I started to design my own Project Life cards. Some are especially focused on my one little word ‚share‘, since it will accompany me the whole year.

one little word calendar & project planner | momentstolivefor.com

The year of 2015 began with my one little word ‚share‘ and a whole lot of planning for smaller and bigger projects. I created a calendar with my „one little word“ to accompany while working on my craft desk. You can download it here. And I made a little board to stay focused on all the photography and craft projects this year.

Project Life album | momentstolivefor.com

Last week I finally ordered the rest of 2014 photos for my Project Life album and almost all photos of January 2015. I spend almost the entire Friday evening and Saturday with cutting, corner rounding and filling in photos into the pockets. Some of it I even did on Saturday morning in bed. Additionally I put some filler cards into old pages from my teen years and started with my 2015 album. So much fun.

origami fox & bows | momentstolivefor.com

Since I had so much fun with origami in December I made it a point to try some new origami projects in 2015 like the bows for gifts and the baby fox (found via How About Orange).

art journal | momentstolivefor.com

In December I was so busy with Christmas preparations and crafting little origami trees and Santas, that I never got to art journaling. Not until January, when I finally grabbed my art journals and started again and that with a big bang of an art journal marathon.

knitting | momentstolivefor.com

I don’t know why, but in January I feel like knitting. Like last year I started a new attempt. This is how far I’ve got until now. The problem is I started with too fine wool and knit needles. Therefore I don’t really see a progress and that’s not really motivating. So I plan to buy thicker knit needles and wool and hopefully I will stick to knitting for a long while.

what’s on my craft table?

What's on my craft table? Project Life notebook | momentstolivefor

It’s been almost half a year since my last What’s on my craft table?-post, so I thought it was time for a new one. Although I don’t have much time for crafting at the moment because of our move, from time to time there’s a little bit craftiness around. Like my new notebook for my Project Life ideas or some new and really pretty MT tapes.

From my last Berlin trip I brought two wonderful, inspiring magazines back home: Uppercase & flow. I had my eyes on both for a long while now, but never ordered one because of the high shipping rates. But thanks to Lonneke of Bubblemint I found a store in Berlin, who sells these magazines (“Do you read me?!“, Auguststr. 28). Now I’m a happy and ready to sit down with a good cup of tea and read.

What's on my craft table? photo notebook | momentstolivefor

What's on my craft table? a huge pile of photos | momentstolivefor

What's on my craft table? Uppercase & flow magazine | momentstolivefor

What's on my craft table? new MT tapes | momentstolivefor

What's on my craft table? my own set of black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor

What's on my craft table? Finchen is watching me | momentstolivefor

Finchen, my little cat, is always watching me, while I work on something, like my new set of black & white Project Life cards or some gifts for my friends I leave behind, when I move. For the gifts I ordered a huge pile of photos. As soon as the box with the photos was empty, Finchen sat inside. Cats and boxes… I will never understand their passion. 😉

what’s on my craft table?

project life filler cards by momentstolivefor
Hey everyone. I thought it was time for another peek at my craft table. The last two weeks I’ve been back to crafting regularly. Before that it was hard to find the time, because so much was going on, like newborn babys to visit, a wedding, some birthday parties to attend and some other stuff too. It was a fun time, but now I’m happy to be back on my craft table. It’s one of those things, that keeps me balanced and happy. My boyfriend loves, how I light up, when a package with new stamps arrives or when I show him some of my creations. Yes, this is my thing. Crafting.
summer manifesto minialbum by momentstoliveforAmy Tangerines Alphabet stamp set for my summer manifesto minialbum by momentstolivefor
One thing that was on my craft table last week, was the summer manifesto minialbum. I loved, that I could use Amy Tangerine’s Alphabet stamp set to print the numbers and goals. I could have printed it with my computer instead, but I wanted to use my hands. And I just love stamping. I’m totally into it right now. There’s not one day, when I don’t stamp something.

That’s why I’m so happy, that the last order of Elise Blaha‘s stamps finally arrived yesterday. It totally made my day, when I opened our mail box and saw the big envelope with the ‘get exited’ stamp on the back. At home I immidiately started stamping with them. I made some filler cards for my new project life.
Elise Blaha's new stampsproject life filler cards by momentstolivefor
Yes, I’m now a project life girl too. I considered for so long, if this was something I could follow along. But when my favorite craft online store Scrapbook Werkstatt in Germany announced, that they would sell project life products from now on, I was one of the first that ordered a starter kit. I choose the cinnamon edition album and the honey core kit. I must say, I was a little bit disappointed, when I discovered, that the album was brown instead of black, like the product photo shows. But I like it anyway, because of the words on the cover.
project life Cinnamon Edition album project life Honey Edition core kit

I already filled the first pages with photos and cards and I’m so glad, that I decided to do this project. It’s such an easy, fast and beautiful way to display your photos, when you don’t have time to design a whole scrapbooking page or minialbum. I still need to figure out, how to add text without disturbing the page layout, but that’s only a matter of time.
happy crafting everyone

what’s on my craft table?

new reading stuff

This week was a very busy one. So I didn’t craft that much. But I managed to make some mood boards for my branding ideas and got some inspiration from those three lovely magazine: The Simple Things, We Love Living and Mollie Makes. Three of my favorite bloggers are featured in these magazines: Susannah Conway, Katie from the Skunkboy Blog and Holly from Decor8. Can’t wait to sit down with a big cup of coffee and these inspiring magazines in my reading corner. 🙂

Susannah Conway featured in The Simple Things
Katie from Skunkboy blog featured in Mollie Makes

Furthermore I managed to grabbed my beloved tapes and paperscraps and made some mood boards for my branding. Yes, it’s getting serious. I want to do this right, so it’s much work, but I love, love, love this planning process. Could brainstorm all night for new ideas and branding ideas. But the problem is, I have to decide soon, what I want to do. The craft fair is drawing near.

branding mood board by Moments to live for
branding mood board by Moments to live for
Inspired by Elise’s beautiful stamps I made this little minialbum and journal. It’s just to write my most important thought for the day down, even if I don’t have much time. And my lovely tapes are as always very helpful and a fast way to give the pages some color.
Today is documented-minialbum
Today is documented-minialbum
Today is documented-minialbum

And this package arrived today with even more lovely, lovely and colorful tapes. Can’t wait to use them. But for now they have to wait, because I will only open one up, when I finished a task for my project. It’s a little treat to keep me going. 😉

washi tape delivery
new washi tapes

have a beautiful, sunny weekend

Sabine 🙂

What’s on my craft table?

instagram photos from @momentstolivefor

Today I want to share some peeks from my work desk this week. When I look at these pictures I’m always amazed how many craft things I’ve done this week. In my mind it always goes like this: “Man, how I would like to have more time to craft. What I could do with all this time…” But acutally I do craft everyday and that’s pretty awesome, even if i need photos to remind me of that later. 🙂

be patient - reminder

A little reminder for me to stay calm and just be patient about things, that won’t happen over night.

minialbum Hildesheim

Started a new minialbum of my old hometown Hildesheim. Finally a place for a pack of old photos from my backlog. It’s not finished yet, because I want to write more about my memories, so it will take some time. But the book is already full with photos and just waiting for me to grap my pencil and write away.

pinterest screenshot

branding icon ideas

My secret project is in the making. Everday I try to do something for it and if it’s just a little thing. But that’s what makes the progress in the end. I think, next week I will be ready to share it with you guys. But I believe you can already guess, what it is, don’t you? 😉

streetart minialbum cover

a peek inside my streetart-minialbum

Yesterday my photos for the “street art”-minialbum arrived. I prepared this minialbum already in July, but hadn’t  the perfect pictures at hand. So the mini just sat on my table and waited,… till I brought several photos from my big biketour and one, two trips to Bremen. I share the whole minialbum next week.

stamps from Elise Joy

And finally the beautiful stamps from Elise arrived. Can’t wait to use them on some craft projects and minialbums. They will be so gorgeous. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the fall season!