Be open: explore & share

be open: explore & share

In May ‚work‘ was my one little word I focused on. And work I did. Really hard and in multiple ways. I simplified our home big time, got rid of 8 bags of trash, sold several furnitures and have at least four big boxes that I want to sell soon. I moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress (more on that in another post). I organized my recipes, old notes, quotes and so much more with Evernote. I started to do sport every morning, really every morning (so proud of myself, I’ve stuck with it). I found finally a system for my old photos I’m happy with and started to organize them this way. I finished three big craft projects (two crocheted rugs and a wooden game). I reorganized all rooms in one way or another. I organized several of our events and vacations in summer. Feels so damn good to get stuff done.

Since the last month was so full with tasks and actions, this month should feel light and free. So it’s all about exploring, everything and everywhere. Nothing more, nothing less.

Explore the neighborhood.

Explore Berlin.

Explore new possibilities.

Explore new hobbies.

be open – explore & share


Be open: try & share

The first month with my one little word went very well. I felt empowered by my chosen word ‚invite‘. Empowered to think about this year’s plans, new projects, things I want to accomplish, new habits and I invited new people into my life and friends into our home. It felt great to do these things and therefore I’m looking forward to the new month and what it will bring with the new word ’try’. To put my intentions for February in words:

Try new cooking receipts.

Try new photography styles.

Try new art journaling methods.

Try to make my own rubber stamps.

Try to make a stranger happy.

Try not to buy new supplies for crafting.

Try to fill in all the blank pockets in Project Life 2014.

Try new blogs to read.

Try to knit a scarf.

Try a new kind of post.

Try to speak up more.

Try new projects.

Try to avoid moving stairs and elevators.

Let’s go February. Here I come.

be open – try & share

Be open: invite & share

January 2015: be open - invite & share

Like you read yesterday, my word for 2015 is „share”. Every month I choose a second verb to accompany it and set a focus for this month. In January I chose „invite & share“, because I want to invite new things into my life. I will make plans for the upcoming year for new dates with friends, big events, share our home with friends and brainstorm about several new projects. To put my intentions for January in words:

Invite new things into my life.

Invite new adventures and experiences to enrich me.

Invite friends into our home.

Invite more people into my life.

Invite readers to inspiring finds.

Invite new ideas to settle.

Invite new projects and plans to grow in my mind.

Invite new habits to take their place.

I’m so excited, how this first month will go and what I will lern. So, let’s go!

be open – invite & share

my word for 2015: share

Be open & share

Since the last year was all about getting used to the new living situation with my boyfriend in our first home, in the new exciting and stressing city of Berlin and the new job, I had not much space for anything else. My word for 2014 „enjoy“ helped me focus on the moment and not being overwhelmed by all the new things hassling with me. Sadly it did not much more. It didn’t trigger any actions or projects and I simply didn’t work with it much. Now that we are mostly used to the new living situation and finally really arrived in Berlin, I have time and energy again for new exciting, magical projects.

My word for 2015 came to me at the beginning of December last year. I stumbled about some projects, like not damaging street art (little notes on street lamps and walls) or someone giving little gifts to strangers, which made me think, how beautiful it is to share something good and make someone smile with something simple as that. Above that I made a little video with a dear colleague for our firm about a social facility in Berlin named Die Arche. It supports poor children and their families by giving them a free meal after school, helping them with their homework and let them simply play and forget their everyday distressing living situation. When I packed a little package for them with some Advent calendars, some christmas decorations and sweets, it felt good and so necessary to share some of my luck with someone not so lucky. That’s when I decided, that „share“ would be my word for 2015.

A second focus will be you, my dear readers. I noticed, that I’m not overly open about my private life at my blog. That won’t change totally this year, but I will try to show you a little bit more about our home and life. I will try to share more of my knowledge and experiences, more of my projects and more of what inspires me. The hard part about sharing, especially the personal stuff, is being open not only to praise but to criticism as well. Therefore I chose another word to accompany „share“. It’s „be open“ and means to me: be open to new adventures, be open to new experiences, be open to new chances. Make new experiences and share them. Be open & share – I think, these two go very well together and set the mood for the new year.

Be open & share - monthly focus

In 2013 Elise Blaha chose additional to her one little word a verb for every month. I loved that idea and it swam around in my mind since then. Thus I chose a verb for every month too, to set the focus on a special part of my life. In April the slogan is f.e. „create & share“ – as you may have guessed, in this month I will post especially crafty things and even one, two or more tutorials. I hope these little words help me not feeling overwhelmed and trying to do every project at the same time. I’m very happy with the chosen words for every month. I think, they will fit the process of the year perfectly.

calendar 2015 - be open & share (giveaway)

I chose the #fromwhereistand pictures, because I always have wanted to use them in a photo project and when I scrolled through my countless collection of photos, I found several that fit the themes. So the deal was done. When I designed the cover photos for every month, I fell in love with them and had the idea to turn them into my new calendar for my workspace. It’s the perfect fit – I have a beautiful picture to look at and it reminds me of my focus for the month at the same time. And since „share“ is the word this year, I decided to share the calendar with you. You can download it here.

I feel energized and motivated. Can’t wait to start with all my little and bigger projects and tell you about them. So…

let’s make it a fantastic year