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photo walk: red II |

When I searchend my blog for my last monthly review, I was somehow shocked finding it in December 2014. The last year was really a slow one on the blog, but my life was filled with events and mile long to do lists. Today I want to bring back the monthly review, because I miss it. It’s a moment for me to pause and reflect on the month behind me, that otherwise would fly by so fast, unrecognized. So without further ado…



Trying to be present and simply enjoy the summer and the mostly free time after this eventful, busy year.



Simplifying our home is one step closer to  a medium minimalism. It’s still a lot of stuff and my fingers are prickling, because they want to do more, get rid of more stuff. But at the moment I’m happy how far I’ve come and how good it feels.

Sorting through my photos and purging at least half of it or better two third. It’s a work in progess. But step by step or better byte by byte I’m keeping on going forward and sorting through every folder and deleting gigabytes of pictures.



Finally wrote all ‘thank you’ notes for all our wedding guests and beyond. It took me several hours with help of my husband, but now they are finally shipped.



Changing rapidly between cold and much too hot. One day I have to wear a sweater, the other day I’m dying of heat while only wearing a thin shirt. So looking forward to a moderate autumn.



For a few weeks I tried to take every day another online course on those terrific online platforms Skillshare and Creativebug. It was amazing. In only 15 to 30 minutes every day I lerned so much, from cocking to painting to programming a website.

While editing the photos of our wedding, I lerned a lot about Lightroom and all those little options you can change and that can make an image really pop.



My new favorite TV serie, although a little older, is ‘Lie to me’. Absolutely fascinating lerning about micro expressions and unconscious human behaviour.

I’m over the top inspired by Flora Bowley’s course ‘Intuitive Painting” on Creativebug. There was so much to lern and try. It was like magic on a canvas.



Potsdam is not that far away from Berlin and always worth a visit. Beautiful, charming city with a lot of green and impressive architecture.

Pokemon is fun, even if you don’t play it actively. My husband (still getting used to not calling him my boyfriend anymore) plays it enthusiasticly, so we went on some walks to get him some new Pokemons. I used the time for taking photos or when we stayed at one place for longer, catching up on my reading. So fun & a perfect match!


Looking forward to an eventful, travelsome September.


photo walk: pair

photo walk: pair |

A new experience for me. I do photo walks for quite a while. I started in 2012 inspired by Elise Blaha. In 2014 I attended even a Worldwide Photo Walk in Berlin, but doing a photo walk with a couple of friends was a new experience for me. Since no one of them had ever done a photo walk before, we started with a simple topic ‘rectangle’. Too simple as we learned. So we changed the topic within one street to ‘pair’. And that my friends, was a real challenge for me. It was much harder and a little bit more abstract as my usual topics.

At first, I thought, there wasn’t many pairs around or too hard to find. But then my mind and eyes adjusted to the topic and I found more and more, as always. It always takes a little time to get the mind focus on the topic, but then it clicks and the right motives pop up everywhere. The trouble with the topic ‘pair’ was, that the motives weren’t that distinct. I had to decide each time, if the objects applied in my opinion as pair or not. It wasn’t as easy as red objects or doors, but I liked the challenge and will surely do more of these in the future.

photo walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | photo walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | photo walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | photo walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | photo walk: pair | photo walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: pair |

sweet serendipity

fromwhereistand |

In these dark times of terrorism and bad news every day, it’s more than ever important to be reminded of the good things in life, that there is still good in the world. Positive, inspiring things.

Love, love, loved this class. Will be painting all weekend thanks to Flora Bowley.

Still absolutely fascinated how well the notebook of Leuchtturm 1917 works as bullet journal.

In awe for Xanthe’s new film, as always.

Simply a force of positivity in this world: Uncustomary. Did you read her amazing book?

Started a new Pinterest board about scapbooking, inspired by the creative, simple and colorful style of A Beautiful Mess and  Smile & Wave.

At the moment I’m totally into makeovers like this one.

So sorry, it’s already sold: Baby Groot. Don’t anyone want to make one for me? 🙂

Have a wonderful, sunny, relaxed weekend.


photo walk: rectangle

photo walk: rectangle

Lesson lerned. Don’t choose a theme, that’s too simple. Last week we went on our first group photo walk with six friends. Because no one ever did a photo walk before, I recommended a simple topic like ‘rectangles’. Everyone agreed and started walking. It took us exactly one street to notice, that looking for ‘rectangles’ in a city is simply boring. We changed the topic then and there to something more difficult: ‘pair’.

I don’t say, that rectangles or shapes in general are non of a challenge, but it’s essential to choose the right context, the right environment. In an area, where everything is made up out of rectangles and geometric shapes it’s not much of a challenge. It would have been more challenging, if we did it on a walk through a forest or along cornfields. Another bad example would be, to do a photo walk with ‘green’ in a forest in spring or summer. So be sure to choose the right topic for the region you are planning to walk.

photo walk: rectangle photo walk: rectangle photo walk: rectanglephoto walk: rectanglephoto walk: rectangle photo walk: rectangle photo walk: rectanglephoto walk: rectangle

happy new year 2016

happy new year 2016 |

Happy New Year, y’all!

Did you party into the new year? We sure did. I wore my Yes-shirt, in hope for a good, positive year to come.

I’m reading “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes at the moment and loving it. The book speaks to me. It empowers me to speak up, stand up for myself, and just be me. So it had to be the Yes-shirt for New Year’s eve naturally. Yes to this year. Yes to thinking positive. Yes to getting better. Yes to life. Yes to progress. Yes to us and our wedding. Yes to this exciting, challenging new year.

I wish you all the best for 2016!


words of two thousand fifteen

words of two thousand fifteen |

Scrambled eggs. Parties. Engagement. Fireworks. Traveling. Coffee with a little bit of milk. No gluten. No sugar. No milk. Tomatoes. Bacon, lots of bacon. Sweet potatoes, my new favorite. Beef and vegetables. Less fish. Anxiety attacks. Organization. Planning. Panic. Afraid. Weight gain. Weight loss. Back to normal. No motivation. Grey. Hormones. Thyroid hypofunction. Hashimoto thyreoditis. Blood tests. Paper flowers. Dancing. Too emotional. No emotions. Lerning. Growing. Changing work situation. Reading, book after book, blogs, magazines. Simplify. Zero waste attempts. Wedding dress. Location, location, location. Fear. Guest list. Insecurity. Creativity. Knitting. Crocheting. Cooking. Paleo food. New car. Weddings. Vacation with friends. The right questions. Doctors. No information. Blogging again. Photo contests. Internship. Movie cutting. Photo walks. Good times with godchildren, Funny evenings with friends. Gifts. A more simple life. iMac. Project Life. Tidy. Stress. Hot summer. Warm winter. No Christmas mood. Sad, negative colleagues. Overwhelmed. Overload. Thousands of photos. Too much. Seven scarves. The sea. Hot spiced wine. Photo sorting evenings. Tears. Grüne Woche. Schnapps. Netflix. Play station games. Game night. Quiet, not so much. Hamlet. Questions. Pressure. Birthday parties. Calendar. Less is more. Cleaning. Bad sleep. Cough. New pictures on the wall. Instagram. Black, white, gold. All the colors, again. Bad start. Big events. Lots of events. Journaling. Less art journaling, more writing. No time. Nuts. Tea attempt failed. Seven minutes. Weight watchers. Be open. Share. Almost black nail polish. Progress. Patience. Change.

merry christmas

Christmas 2015 |

We wish you a very merry Christmas with your beloved ones. Don’t stress yourself too much, enjoy the time you are given with your friends and family and remember:

It’s not what’s under the tree, but who is around it.

Merry Christmas,


minialbum: December Daily 2014

minialbum: December Daily 2014 |

In 2014 I did a December Daily for the first time. It was fun to see it grow everyday bit by bit. Some days I made one double page, other days six to eight pages. All filled with pictures of good, christmasy memories. I challenged myself to take every day at least one photo and if it was simply a photo of a choco santa. When I now look through it I get goosebumps from those beautiful days, the craftiness I had last year and all those little magical moments.

Before I started, I prepared numbers for everyday in advance. I chose red, green, white and black numbers and stuck them on glittery white circles. The colors I used in the minialbum were: red, green, gold, silver, white, black and all in glitter versions. I bound the book with my favorite kind of band: red velvet. I painted some filler pages in advance, but the pages added up so fast, that I had to make some more. Not that I did mind doing more…

minialbum: December Daily 2014 | momentstolivefor.comminialbum: December Daily 2014 | momentstolivefor.comminialbum: December Daily 2014 |

photo walk: clouds

photo walk: clouds |

This time a little unusual photo walk. While shooting many different motives on our summer vacation one popped up again and again: clouds. Especially after I tried the polar filter for the first time and the clouds became so much more clearer and farther stretched out, I found every day another painting of clouds above me. A few times I even shot a video when the clouds were drifting very fast above the sky. They somehow brought my creativity back. Maybe this is something you can try too everyday for a set period of time or on your vacation too if you don’t have time for a full one or two hour photo walk. This way you can focus on a theme for a longer time and lern how your mood changes the kind of pictures you take.

photo walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds | momentstolivefor.comphoto walk: clouds |

wish i may

wish I may 2015 |

In 2012 Susannah Conway posted „wish I may“ on the 12.12.12 as a wishing day. I loved this idea and wrote my own post a day later. Although it’s no wishing day officially, it’s a wonderful idea to formulate wishes for the new year and beyond as kind of reflection to the past year.

I wish for a lot of energy. I wish for a happy, fun wedding. I wish for funny hours with my goddaughters. I wish for health for my family and friends. I wish for quite hours just with me and myself. I wish for a healthy hormone level as opposite to symptoms of Hashimoto Thyreoiditis. I wish for many hours of uninterrupted, inspiring crafting. I wish for a simple life. I wish for a stress-free wedding preparation. I wish for challenges that help me lern and grow. I wish for a money reserve. I wish for more city adventures in Berlin. I wish for new creative projects. I wish for romantic times with my man. I wish for a house of our own. I wish for time to journal and blog. I wish for our biggest wish to come true. I wish for travel adventures. I wish for playing and cuddling a lot with the cats. I wish for healthy and yummy food. I wish for wonderful hours with our friends and families. I wish for a positive mind. I wish for a lot of good times in 2016.

What are you wishing for?