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photo of Sabine of momentstoliveforHi, my name is Sabine and I write about crafts, photography, travel and colorful inspiration. I’ve took my first photo when I was five years old and got my first camera on my tenth birthday. Since then I’ve never been without a camera and took already over a million photos, most of the time on my travels in Europe.

I’ve started this blog in April 2012 and love it everyday more. I like to post beautiful handmade things, that make life and your home even more wonderful. Since I’m a full-time working girl, I don’t have so much time for crafting, so my goal is to make simple & quick crafts, which are nevertheless useful, colorful and beautiful. My prime craft tools are washi tapes, wood mounted rubber stamps, a corner chomper and paper – lots of paper.
I live in Berlin, Germany, with my boyfriend and my two cats Toni & Finchen. It’s a long time dream come true for me living in Berlin. Because this dream is true now, I have room for more dreams like writing a book and e-courses, getting some of my DIYs published in magazines and working only half-time and use the remaining time for my projects and primarily for this blog.

If you want to contact me, you can do this by email: blog [at] momentstolivefor [dot] com.

And you can follow me on my creative journey here:

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