a creative sunday


Although the books aren’t here yet, I found a way out of my creative rut (thank you, Amanda, for your kind comment). It began Friday, when I drove home from work after a nasty thunder storm. The light was so beautifully clean, that it inspired me to take many photos. With every picture, that I took, my inspiration started to flow again step by step.


At home I did the second best thing to get me back in a creative mood: I cleaned my home and most important my workspace. I like a creative chaos around me, when I work, but there are times, when I need a neat start like an empty desktop.


And it worked. On Sunday I did nothing besides taking and editing photos (amongst others, pictures for my new photo walk “text”), carving stamps and creating two pictures for my livingroom wall. Oh, it felt so good! I’m finally me again. 🙂


Tomorrow you will see the new photo walk. Loved this challenge and am excited about the results.

Have a great start into the week



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