photo walk: pattern

Hey everyone. Do you have a wonderful day? The sun is finally shining here in Germany and I have a work free day. Still sitting in my bed, reading my favorite book and drinking coffee. That’s life! 🙂

Yesterday I enjoyed my leisure-time by taking a photo walk. I ended up with a lot of blue photos but only two pattern-photos. Somehow I didn’t saw any beautiful patterns on my way or just hadn’t the right way of looking at things. So I decided to do the photo walk later around my home. I scanned my whole home for patterns and found many. I was astonished how many there are actually. Here you see a selection in black & white. I think this reflects the structures of any pattern even more.

This was a new experience for me, because usually I’m not a black & white photographer. I love colors. In fact as many bright and happy colors as possible is normally the thing I go after, when I’m taking pictures. But I like it, because it shows me again how different you can see something. Maybe I will do a black & white phototour this weekend to train my photographer eye further more 😉

This photo walk was inspired as always by the lovely Elise Blaha. Look over here to see her beautiful pattern photos.

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