Summer love: summers long ago

Yes, it’s me. Smiling because I’m going to help my father in our garden. I’m wearing the rain boots of my mother and my favorite pair of trousers. And most important: in the background you can see my very own swing on our huge cherry tree. Those were happy days in summer ’87. 🙂

My childhood memories of summers long ago are mostly of playing in our garden with my neighbors cat, going on adventure trips in the neighborhood, taking long walks with my parents, birthday parties (mine is in August) and sitting hours and hours on my swing.

Still love it. So when my friend and I are walking by a playground and nobody is around, we both go straight on the swings. Just love the touch of the wind on my face, when I sway into the sky. This is one of the things, that is essential for me in summer. Rocking on a swing even as a grown-up. Marvelous!

From now on everytime you see this logo “Summer love”, you will find something summerly going on in the post. And here’s a little peek on what you can expect: a summer hitlist, links to wonderful things you can do this summer, some DIY projects and a few more things. Hope, you will enjoy this project as much as I am.

sunny greetings from Germany

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