biketour to Bremerhaven

What a wonderful warm weekend this was! I’m still feeling the sun on my skin. Okay, could possibly be the little sunburn on my neck, but still… 😉 I did a ‘small’ biketour of 80 km to test my ability for a long drive, because in six weeks I want to go on a big biketour around Northwest Germany all by myself, yay!

It’s one of those dreams I had for such a long time and now I’m finally having the time and the guts to do it. So nothing will stop me,… hopefully!  The tour yesterday along the Weser to Bremerhaven showed me, that I can do it. Today I have no sore muscles or can’t sit or a feeling of exhaustion, therefore I’m excited to plan a longer test-tour for next weekend and my big tour with many stops to meet friends. My livingroom is filled with info material and maps. Isn’t this exciting?! 🙂

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