my 4 simple goals

… inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess
Lovely Elsie inspired me, once again. This time not to start a new creative project, but to set goals till the end of the year. Something positive, that will make my life richer by doing it regularly. So here’s the plan:

1. Work on my big plan everyday
Like I mentioned in one of my last posts, I’m planning to change some things around here.One big thing is my work life. I like my daily work, but I’m not loving it and at the moment it’s very hard to even get motivated. That’s one cause. The other is, that I’ve always dreamed of working in the creative business, maybe as an artist. And that’s what I’m planning to force now. I finally need to get up and do something about it, otherwise it will never happen and will always stay an unfulfilled dream.
2. Write everyday
The last weeks I noticed that writing down my thoughts made it a lot easier to order my thoughts and accomplish my goals. So I want to do this everyday to keep moving forward.
3. Read everyday 
I have a big pile of new books waiting for me to be read. So I make it one of my goals to read at least half an hour everyday to lern new things and be inspired by these wonderful authors.

4. Simplify
Since my big biketour I’m on the trip of simplifying again. Everything in my home will be seperated out, if I don’t really need it. I started with my clothes and shoes and will go through my stuff everyday till I feel free and light again. Likewise I will single out the tasks that I can delegate or delete from my to do-lists, because it’s definitely too much at the moment. I’m looking forward to the result!

So that’s the plan. 4 simple goals till the end of 2012. 🙂 And what are yours?


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