The Seasons Project: finally fall

A new season has officially begun. The first leaves tumble down from most of the still green trees. The first acorns lie on the streets and children can’t wait to pick the first maroons. My friend went yesterday to collect the first mushrooms this year, the wind is blowing stronger again… You can’t deny – it’s finally fall.

I’m happy, because this is my season. That’s the time, when I feel most relaxed, creative and enjoy every bit of sweet fall air, even when it’s raining and a strong wind blows. That’s the time in year, when I feel more alive then ever.

Therefore I decided to start the new part of the year with my new seasons project “finally fall”. So from now on you will find every week something fall related here – like for example my favorite fall minialbums (I plan on doing one myself), a list of stuff you should definitely do these next weeks, ideas for fall decoration and so much more. So stay tuned! 🙂

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