finally fall: fall memories

This is my favorite time of year to travel to one of the islands in the North Sea like Langeoog or Amrum. I love to wander the long beaches with almost no one around, letting my thoughts wander as well, wherever they want to go. It’s like a meditation for me. And afterwards I go to one of the many tea shops and have a cup of original East Frisian tea with a little bit of milk and rock candy. It’s lovely to see the little white milk cloud spreading over the whole cup.

I always liked the fall season. I liked to fly a kite, I liked the wind blowing around me and even the rain drippling on my hood, I liked running through tall piles of crumbled leaves, kicking them in every direction, collecting acorns and conker and making little creatures out of them… and I still do. Just look at my face on the last picture, how I enjoyed being at the North Sea with a strong wind blowing and a little rain now and then. 🙂

What’s your favorite fall memory?

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