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my secret project

Like some of you maybe already guessed – the “hints” must have been obvious on some posts – I try to start a career in the creative business. I had this idea in mind for some years or sometimes I think since ever. On the career page in our final yearbook already stood: “Sabine will be a photographer in Paris.” And yes, I considered this after school. I even tried to get into different design universities, but didn’t get in because that year too many others had the same idea and maybe it wasn’t the right choice for me. After this lost year – it wasn’t really lost because of the experiences I made – I decided to go another way and don’t try to get in any more design universities. I didn’t wanted to loose anymore years waiting for an open spot. So I started studies in a whole other area. The studies were hard, but I lerned how to lern, to organize and motivate myself and to just do the things I have to do. These are the lessons I’m really thankful for.

I finished the studies with a good diploma and got a job right away. I’m still thankful for this employment. It’s a very good job with good money, a nice team, a work with a purpose and it’s mostly fun. But for some time now I noticed, that this is the wrong kind of work for me. It doesn’t fulfill me. It’s no job, where I do overtime lightly. I’m more than happy, when I get off from work and ride home. Most of the time I’m just frustrated because I go from one problem to another. If I solve one problem in a few hours, a few minutes later the next problem pops up and I’m in a corner once again. That is so frustrating, to name just one thing. And this frustration was so high, when I went on my big biketour, that I knew I had to change something, otherwise I would become more and more unmotivated, pessimistic and maybe even depressed. So I tried to figure out over this three weeks of vacation what I could change to make my (work)life better.

I did a lot of thinking, simplified my things and my life (I got rid of some timeconsuming unwanted tasks and less loved hobbies) and did a hell lot of brainstorming. When I came back and talked with my friend, she gave me a clue… I’m so thankful for her idea, because it got me started on a whole new direction. She suggested that I should sell some of my stuff on an upcoming craft fair around christmas in our town. It didn’t took me long to agree and so I’m registered and preparing now calendars, photographs, greeting cards and some more for one or two craft fairs at the end of November.

I’m so excited!! It’s a totally new thing for me. It’s that butt kick, that I needed to get started. It’s that one thing that keeps me busy and thinking about my future and my choice of worklife that I really want and even motivates me for my daily job.

So, there you have it 🙂 This is my secret project. I had to keep it for myself for a while, till I figured out if I really wanted to do it and how to get there. But now after some planning I’m ready to take off. You are more than welcome to join me on my journey.

🙂 Sabine

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